Tricks to crack SNAP test

Please share some tips to crack SNAP Test ?

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Here are the best tips to crack SNAP Exam

Focus on basic concepts rather than formulae:

The past years’ analysis shows that a comparable number of questions are based on the core concepts of the topics. Hence, it is advised to have your basic concepts cleared & properly understood along with its applications.
Concentrate on Algebra & Arithmetic topics:
SNAP is an exam that tests your ability to crack questions based on Algebra & Arithmetic topics like Percentages, Profit & Loss, TSD, Logarithms. Thorough practice of a variety of questions is required to crack this section.
Practice calculations
Many Quantitative ability, Data Interpretation & Analytical & Logical Reasoning questions require intensive calculations. Although on screen calculator facility has been introduced in CAT from this year, it is preferable to practice calculations through approximations and/or Vedic Maths techniques for other exams including SNAP.
Select Analytical & Logical Reasoning
SNAP has experimented the most with this sections by including questions from a variety of topics like Coding-Decoding, Venn diagram, Cubes, Facts inference Judgment, Letter series, blood relations, double line distribution, verbal analogy, cubes, series, puzzles. This remains an important section as the weightage given per question is twice the weightage of questions of other sections. (30Q – 60 marks)
Most Challenging Section – General Awareness, General Knowledge,
General Knowledge & awareness has always been one of the most challenging topics which has no limit to study. Since SNAP has a tendency to surprise students with its off-beat GK questions, it is better to be prepared with the topics like static GK, current affairs with focus on business, politics, economics, sports, awards and recent events.
Focus more on Vocabulary & Grammar:
This section basically tests your vocabulary more than your analyzing skill which is evident from the inclusion of more vocab based questions like synonyms, antonyms, odd man out, idioms & phrase as compared to RCs. SNAP comprises of hardly 8-9 questions based on RCs.
This trend proves beneficial to those with a good hold on vocabulary as it increases their attempt with good accuracy in a relatively less time. If you are struggling with this section, you need to focus on building a good vocabulary as it is a win-win situation (Good attempt-High accuracy-Less time!)
Accuracy Matters!
The most important aspect while attempting any section is to keep checking the accuracy as negative marking system (25% negative in SNAP) is in place. It is advisable to attempt those questions which you are 100% sure of.
Take Mocks, analyze & improve on weaker sections:
The best way to monitor your performance is to take SNAP mocks at regular intervals. This, not only helps to monitor your progress but also improve your score as it gives you the opportunity to work on your weaker sections.
Solve previous years’ actual SNAP papers
Although the chances of questions getting repeated is almost nil, the aim here is to be well versed with the pattern of questions. Each entrance exam, for that matter, has a pattern or template which is unique. Solving previous years’ SNAP papers might help you to familiarize with the pattern (Sections, Time duration, difficulty level)
Lastly, choose questions wisely & Manage Time well
The key to success for all the MBA entrance exams especially SNAP is wise selection of questions & time management, is undoubtedly applicable here as well, especially in Quantitative, DI & Analytical and Logical Reasoning sections. The questions involving tedious calculations seem tempting to attempt but a strategy based approach to attempt questions which are derived from your mock analysis comes handy here.
All the best for your preparation!!!

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