Tricks to crack SNAP test

Please share some tips to crack SNAP Test ?

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SNAP is a test of time.
What makes SNAP different from all other competitive exams like CAT, NMAT, IIFT etc is that although the total time allotted is just two hours there are are no sectional time limits in SNAP .
There are 4 sections in SNAP - General English - RC,VR,VA; Quantitative, DI,DS, Current Affairs, Analytical and Logical Reasoning. The cut offs for each section is quite low like just 1 or 2 marks and can easily be met except for GK where the candidate needs to have at least some basic awareness about the happenings of the world in order to clear the cut-offs.The candidate should give at least 4–5 mocks before appearing for the exam .

ANALYSE each one of them thoroughly and find out the loopholes where you go wrong. Make a separate note of the formula which needed to be implemented in the paper and you couldn’t remember them.
The GK section usually have questions revolving around Noble Prizes, Grand Prix winners, Important days, important schemes implemented by the Government. One can also go through the coffee with SIBM’S GK material or alternatively read Jagran Josh’s GK bulletins .
The RCs are of moderate level and can be cracked easily. The Verbal Reasoning has some syllogism questions.
The QA section is relatively easier as compared to that of CAT or IIFT. DI and DS can also be answered easily if one is thorough with the concepts and formulae.
Blood relation sums, coding- decoding, series and sequences and puzzles are some of the topics that you can expect questions from. The difficulty level fluctuates but it’s usually of moderate difficulty.

The best trick here would be to capitalize on your strengths i.e. answer maximum questions in the sections you are most comfortable with and find easy since the sectional cut offs are very low and there are no sectional time limits. And then attempt those sections which you are not that comfortable with or find difficult.
One of the biggest tips that give to all the candidates is that DON’T FALL IN THE TRAP OF ANSWERING MORE QUESTIONS AND GETTING THEM WRONG as negative marking does exist and -.25 is deducted for each wrong answer that you give. All the Best!!

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