Tips and tricks to crack NMAT, study material

Kindly give me study tips and tricks and suggest some good books to crack NMAT.

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Preparation tips for NMAT Entrance Exam 

Increase Speed: Manage your time properly; give an appropriate amount of time to each section. Try to improve your time by practicing as many online tests as possible. Youth4work provides online mock tests with time limit attached to each question; this way one can learn to finish the entire exam within the time limit. 

Improve Accuracy: Whatever new concepts you learn; make it a habit of practicing them regularly so you do not forget key topics. Because you will not have enough time to prepare all the syllabus topics proficiently, so you must master those you are comfortable with. 

Use Time Intelligently: Studying in a stretch for hours can be tedious and hard and also not so good. Therefore, try to study at several times in regular sessions during a day. This will make learning easy and fun, also you will have enough time to brush up the already studied topics in between intervals. 

Previous Years’ Papers: Try to get your hands on as many previous years’ question papers as you can. There is a certain type of question pattern you will find useful for your preparation and also get familiar with past exam paper trends. 
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