SCRA (Special Class Railway Apprentice) 2018.

What is the syllabus (section wise) for all the three exam papers that SCRA will conduct ?

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Syllabus for Examination SCRA 2018-19

Paper 1

English: Questions will test the candidates on their command over the language including grammar.

General Knowledge: Questions on environment, evolution of life, cell structure, genes, plants, animals, human body functions, food chain, food, food adulteration, production of food and raw materials etc
Solar system, climate change, stars, planets, geography, astrology and structure of earth.
History, politics and social reforms of India. Constitution of India. Money.

Physiological: Questions will test candidates on their basic human intelligence.

Paper 2

Physics: Newton’s laws, coefficient of friction, velocity acceleration, measurement of time and mass, escape velocity, centripetal force, harmonic motion, etc.
Pascal’s laws, Archimedes principles, wave motion, magnetic waves, magnetic fields, ferromagnetism, etc.
Electric charge, electric field and potential Colombo’s laws.
Electric current, Wheatstone’s bridge, chemical effects in current, electromagnetic induction, cathode rays, radioactivity, nuclear energy.


Physical chemistry: atomic structure, chemical bonding, energy changes in chemical reactions, chemical equilibria, molecularity, Raoult’s law, electro-chemistry, oxidation, etc.

Inorganic chemistry: hydrogen, group 1 elements, group 2 elements, group 3 elements, group 4 elements, group 5 elements, group 6 elements, group 7 elements, group 8 elements, noble gases, metallurgy, etc.
Organic chemistry: carbon, general methods of preparation,  aromatic hydrocarbons, halogen derivatives, hydroxy compounds, ethers, aldehydes and ketones, nitro compounds amines, carboxylic acid, esters, polymers, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, etc.

Paper 3

Mathematics: Algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, deferential equation, vectors, statistics, probability, etc.

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