Is Kvpy Fellowship In Medical Field??

What Are The Chances Of Medical Field In Kvpy For Sx Stream. Will I Can Study Bams By Getting Kvpy Fellowship

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  • Benefits of Clearing KVPY Examination
    Clearing KVPY is a daunting task and requires a lot of hard work. Qualifying for this scholarship test is an achievement in itself. Aspirants who acquire this scholarship also get several other benefits which are discussed below.
    The scholarship awarded to KVPY scholars is really good.  For the first 3 years of the UG course, a basic scholarship of INR 5000 per month is provided to students from both science and medicine fields. This sum is increased to INR 7000 a month for every subsequent year of integrated programs upto pre- PhD level. 

    In addition to this, candidates also get an annual contingency grant of INR 20,000 for the first 3 years that goes upto INR 28,000 for subsequent years. This monetary aid is really helpful for students whose education is restricted due to financial constraints.
    Opens New Avenues
    KVPY scholars have the opportunity to attend various seminars and summer camps. These summer programs are organized separately for different streams. Candidates spend 1-2 weeks in scientific institutions under the guidance of experts in different fields of science, engineering or medicine. They get to watch scientists at work, interact with them and visit nearby research laboratories and institutions.
    Besides this, KVPY fellows also have access to renowned National laboratories and Universities. They can make use of the library or laboratory facilities of these institutes on the production of their ID card.

    Research Projects
    Every individual who qualifies KVPY is required to do a research project under the guidance of a scientist or scholar specializing in respective fields. Being a part of such projects enhances the knowledge of candidates and motivates them to think independently. Participation in such project promises a successful and flourishing career in science and engineering.
    Easier route for admission into research institutes
    The best research institutes in the country like the IISc and IISERs admit students on the basis of KVPY. A good performance in this test acts as a backup option for many applicants.
    Generally, admission into these institutes through JEE is a harder route as the cut offs of these colleges is very high. By qualifying KVPY students stand a better chance to be admitted into IISc and IISERs. KVPY fellows are considered for direct entry into these colleges based on their performance in the test.
    Makes your CV look good
    The KVPY fellowship is one of the most coveted titles one can earn while in college. It gives the candidates an edge over the others and makes their CV stand out. It is an incredible addition to one’s CV which enhances the chances of getting a better job.
    Helps prepare for JEE and other exams
    The syllabus for KVPY is quite similar to that of JEE and NEET. This helps students kill 2 birds with one stone i.e. they can prepare for these tests simultaneously. So, aspirants finish studying well within time.

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