IBPS clerk Exam tips to prepare

how to crack IBPS clerk exam?

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  • only practice... my opinion ??

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  • Hi Deepshikha I feel to focus regular practice in selected topics continuesly u try to increase accuracy it's helps to clear one short to reach u r goal

  • Hey Deepshikha, am sharing some tips with you read:
    You should focus on the IBPS Exam Syllabus topics and subjects. Here I am talking about the main ibps exam topics which all have the same weight in the exam.
    This is an important part in banking exams. The reasoning is also a scoring part. You can without difficulty score good marks in it to push your overall score to high. Most of the questions in this part are the common type. This part also less time consuming if you solve paragraph puzzles with full concentration. Typically one para gave and 5 questions related to that. You must make reasoning a strongest part of your preparation for IBPS Exam. 
    Important Chapters: Making series/analogy, Number Series questions, Coding, and decoding, Logical, Passage and conclusions type questions, Comprehension Reasoning, etc. Check IBPS Reasoning complete Syllabus and IBPS preparation tips for reasoning here.
    General Awareness (GK)
    General Knowledge is a primary part of any of banking exam. If you are alert of daily events and activities in India with daily newspaper routine, seriously you can easily cover most of the part of general knowledge.
    Important Topics: Current Affairs of last six months, Indian Economy Questions, Marketing, Awards & Honors Sports, Finance, Indian Constitution, Agriculture, History of Banking, Banking Terms, RBI Functions, Fiscal-Monetary Policies, etc. Check IBPS Exam GK Syllabus in details and IBPS preparation tips for GK here.
    English/ Hindi Language:
    English / Hindi are also scoring subjects in IBPS Exam. You can choose one of them as per your background stream or choice.
    Important Topics:  Fill in the Blanks, Comprehension Passage, phrases and idioms, Spotting Error Questions, Preposition, Sentence Rearrangement Questions, etc. Also, read – IBPS preparation tips for The English language here English Preparation Tips – Tricks.
    Quantitative Aptitude
    Quant consume lots of time to solve the problems. Students need to focus more different questions, not for a single. You must save your time for other sections because this subject consumes your most of time in calculation. So, make your positive sections stronger rather than stuck in difficult chapters.
    Important Topics:  Data Interpretation, Sequence & Series, Number System, Quadratic Equations, Sequence & Series, Ratio, Proportion Percentage & Averages, Simplification, etc. Also, Check IBPS preparation tips for aptitude IBPS Exam Quantitative Aptitude Complete Syllabus topics here.

  • Deepshikha, I have shared the following tips with you for preparing and cracking the IBPS Clerk exam-
    The foremost necessary factor to recollect is that marks of clerk prelims won't be additional to your overall marks. This suggests you are doing not got to be the topper or score most marks in clerk prelims. Clearing the prelims is enough. With solely some days left, concentrate on the subsequent 3 factors.
    a. Time management- it's involved with however you try the question paper to make sure you are doing not miss any queries. The way to divide the time among sections and in what order queries ought to be attempted?
    b. Accuracy- As evident by IBPS PO Mains analysis , it's ensuring that you simply minimize the quantity of wrong answers and negative marking, so marks per question gets maximized
    c. Speed- how to improve the speed to try queries faster? How to do fast calculations? How to increase reading speed?
    Time Management
    2. Manage your time in such how that you simply are able to undergo all the queries at least once within the test. The explanation behind it's there are several queries that are deliberately designed to be advanced and find yourself grabbing the lion’s share of your time. An honest time management strategy helps you establish queries that are easier and therefore, will be solved in less time.
    3. For the proper time management strategy we tend to returned bit with candidates WHO cleared last year’s examination and came to the subsequent conclusion
    a) opt for the English section initial. It takes minimum time and you must be able to complete it in 10-15 minutes grievous bodily harm. Section takes minimum time. You must be able to try it in regarding 10-15 minutes.
    b) With English wiped out the primary 10-15 minutes, you wish to divide consequent 45-50 minutes relying upon your subject preference. If you're smart in Quant, allot longer thereto and contrariwise. The perfect time to try Quant and Reasoning section is 20-25 minutes.
    c) Therefore the order of try ought to be- English – section you're assured of– then the section you're most terrified of.
    4. In individual sections, try the queries within the following order: initial the queries you recognize and may solve quickly, then the queries you think that you'll be able to do however are time overwhelming. Keep in mind ne'er attempt to waste it slow trying the queries you're not assured of resolution. There are plenty of different inquiries to solve and score. Your aim is to clear the pape

ibps clerk prelims exam
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ibps clerk prelims exam