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what exam should i write to become government custom officer

which exams should i write to become a government custom officer

  • Vicky Coder
  • Vicky
  • 1 दृश्य
  • 0 उत्तर
What is the duty of an IAS officer? Can I give UPSC after 12th?

What is the duty of an IAS officer? Can I give UPSC after 12th?

  • Vansha Jain
  • Vansha
  • 212 दृश्य
  • 2 उत्तर
UPSC Exam Tips

What is the tips for cracking UPSC exam?

  • Deepshikha Rawat
  • Deepshikha
  • 640 दृश्य
  • 11 उत्तर
average student qualify upsc exam or not

kya ek average student upsc k exm qualify kr skta ha

  • Akansha Mishra
  • Akansha
  • 4154 दृश्य
  • 20 उत्तर

I would like to know the important dates and exam pattern of civil services

  • Madhu Verma
  • Madhu
  • 409 दृश्य
  • 2 उत्तर
What is the salary expectation in UPSC Job Profile?

Want to know about the salary exposure of UPSC Job Profile. Please Comment.

  • Priya Verma
  • Priya
  • 183 दृश्य
  • 2 उत्तर
What is the Syllabus of UPSC Exam??

What is the Syllabus of UPSC-Union Public Service Commission Exam??

  • Deepak Das
  • Deepak
  • 770 दृश्य
  • 7 उत्तर
What is pattern of UPSC Examination ?

Pattern of Examination

  • Kundan Sharma
  • Kundan
  • 1094 दृश्य
  • 12 उत्तर

what is the eligibility criteria for it?

  • Madhu Verma
  • Madhu
  • 557 दृश्य
  • 4 उत्तर
What are the exam dates for UPSC Civil Services Exam?

Kindly tell what are the exam dates for UPSC Civil Services Exam?

  • Sanchit Singh
  • Sanchit
  • 124 दृश्य
  • 1 उत्तर
What are the tips and tricks to crack UPSC Pre 2018?

what tips and tricks should one follow in order to get that extra?

  • Pallavi Gupta
  • Pallavi
  • 577 दृश्य
  • 3 उत्तर
Can someone please let me know about the upcoming dates of UPSC Exam ?

Want to know about the upcoming dates of UPSC exam ,and what is the eligibility Criteria of this exam 2018?

  • Priya Verma
  • Priya
  • 261 दृश्य
  • 3 उत्तर
What is the Eligibility Criteria of UPSC Exam?

Eligibility Criteria

  • Kundan Sharma
  • Kundan
  • 1061 दृश्य
  • 9 उत्तर
Preparing for IAS Exam While at Graduation

As I'm preparing for the IAS exam while at graduation, is it better to join top institutes like Dhyeya IAS or APTI PLUS Academy along with it? Will it give an edge over my preparat ...

  • Aakash Jain
  • Aakash
  • 132 दृश्य
  • 0 उत्तर
how to prepare for civil service without coaching

self study strategy

  • Zainudheen Pullathiyil
  • Zainudheen
  • 415 दृश्य
  • 3 उत्तर
Top UPSC coaching in Bhubaneswar

Hello everyone. Please suggest me the top UPSC coaching in Bhubaneswar with valid reasons? I have chosen two centers- Dhyeya IAS and Apti Plus but confused. I will be giving my UPS ...

  • Aakash Jain
  • Aakash
  • 107 दृश्य
  • 0 उत्तर
my 180 day plan purchase but not showing

please solve my problems 295rupees deducted please reply and resolve My issue

  • Rashmiranjan Sabat
  • Rashmiranjan
  • 99 दृश्य
  • 0 उत्तर
CRACK IAS Test Series / Study Material Review for Mains & Prelims

What do you guys think about the CRACK IAS test series and study material. Is it worth taking this material. plz suggest.

  • Tushar Gupta
  • Tushar
  • 3636 दृश्य
  • 5 उत्तर
UPSC Exam Pattern

What is the pattern of UPSC exam?

  • Sweety Jain
  • Sweety
  • 1058 दृश्य
  • 2 उत्तर
Which Mobile Application one should use for UPSC Pre Preparation?

which app should i use to excel for UPSC Pre? please suggest a good app?

  • Pallavi Gupta
  • Pallavi
  • 498 दृश्य
  • 7 उत्तर
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