Tips or tricks to prepare for SAIL RECRUITMENT exam 2016?
How to crack SAIL India Recruitment 2016?
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  • I am operating in SAIL and that i suppose i may answer this. I did studied for eighteen days for this communicating..It doesnt mean that you simply ought to study for eighteen days. Prepare generally for competitive exams. I don’t understand that branch you're in and that i am supplying you with generally recommendation. SAIL has 2 elements in their communicating.
    PART I: involved Engineering Subject

    you are the most effective master during this. However make certain you'll be {able to} able to solve at least previous IES papers, GATE papers and at least one objective book.

    PART II: General Ability

    you have four sections during this and every section has the individual cutoff; therefore you'll be able to not skip any section. For GS browse created straightforward IES GS Book, Its quite something.
    You might have already understood the higher than books. Simply let ME inform you few points.

    1. As you have got sectional cut offs, make certain at least you try 3/4th of queries in each section and your success lies in not obtaining 25/25 in power however obtaining atleast 15-18 in each subject.

    2. you have got seventy five minutes for a hundred alphabetic character. Therefore you higher be active currently.

    SAIL communicating is totally completely different from GATE.

    1. SAIL communicating is paper based mostly in contrast to GATE communicating.
    2. SAIL communicating has a hundred technical queries (MCQs) and a hundred non technical (25 verbal , twenty five Logical reasoning , twenty five Quantitative power and twenty five General Knowledge) , wherever as GATE communicating has sixty five queries , fifty technical (Type in Text and MCQs mixed) and fifteen non technical ( verbal and Engg Mathematics ) .
    3. The technical queries that are available in SAIL are additional of sensible and abstract ones that a willdidate can simply answer if he has been through with all the technical books. The non technical half is sort of straightforward and doesn't want a lot of practice. Special concern is for GK half as most of the engg students do not offer a lot of specialize in it. GK (Indian history, geography, demography, capitals, rivers, dance forms, historic monuments, books and authors, yojana and missions from govt. , etc).

    Whereas in GATE, the queries ar abstract and small deep , wants through application of ideas. There ar numerical based mostly queries moreover.

    4. There's a qualifying cutoff for every section and every sub section in SAIL . T

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