what is shortcut for solving ratio and proportion
Solving ratio and proportion problems using shortcuts
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  • first of all u have to read the concept of Ratio and proportion and keep them fixed in ur mind...........
    what is Ratio ? The number of times one quantity contains another quantity of the same kind is called the ratioof the two quantities..
    now its type-
    Consequent >
    In the ratio 2 :3 , 2 is the antecedent and 3 is the consequent.
    Compound Ratio > Ratios are compound by multiplying together the antecedents for a new antecedent, and the consequents for a new consequent.
    Inverse Ratio > If 2:3 be the given ratio, then 1/2: 1/3  or 3 :2 is called its inverse or reciprocal ratio.
    Now what is Proportion ? 
    Consider the two ratios:

     1st ratio                      2nd ratio
    6 : 18                           8 : 24
    Since 6 is one-third of 18, and 8 is one –third of 24, the two ratios are equal. The equality of ratio is called proportion.
    The number 6, 18, 8 and 24 are said to be in proportion.

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