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Course On Computer Concepts (CCC)

एक सवाल पूछो और एक नया विषय शुरू करो!

समान प्रतिभा वाले युवक/युवती इस प्रश्न का शीघ्र उत्तर देंगे।
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Hindi questions for hindi language student

Hindi language is easy to me I am hindi language student so hindi for me and other hindi student

  • Divya Malviya yadav
  • Divya
  • 906 दृश्य
  • 3 उत्तर
what is process mode of ccc exam?

from which mode i can give exam of ccc, can i give it offline exam mode or only online exam? or by the conduct mode of exam?

  • Shilpa Baghel
  • Shilpa
  • 272 दृश्य
  • 1 उत्तर

Can someone please explain the exam pattern for the upcoming CCC exam?

  • Nandita Tripathi
  • Nandita
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  • 8 उत्तर
In this exam any negative marking ?

if yes? please tell me

  • Jigyasa Panikar
  • Jigyasa
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  • 12 उत्तर
what is ccc and from what it is relatable?

is it a specific course of computer or something a mix bag of knowledge? can anyone tell me?

  • Shilpa Baghel
  • Shilpa
  • 216 दृश्य
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things might be looking up for covid19 ]!

Guys you need to google this , huge news for Corona -> "COVID20CB" ~[

  • Brianemips
  • Brianemips
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ccc September cycle ka tz roll number bala result kyun nhi aaya

may I humble request to you kindly reply as soon as possible

  • Ashish Kumar
  • Ashish
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kya ccc me negative marking hai

tell me

  • Neeraj Kumar
  • Neeraj
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hindi question

Kya hindi me question nahi hai aapke pas

  • Rahul Kumar
  • Rahul
  • 860 दृश्य
  • 9 उत्तर
plz tell me sir how i will prepartaion in ccc exam,some problems create here ?

sir आप मेरी मदद करे आपका channel बहूत अच्छा है, plz help me sir

  • Shivam  Gupta
  • Shivam
  • 300 दृश्य
  • 1 उत्तर

What is the eligibility criteria for CCC exam?Is there any age limit?

  • Nisha Sharma
  • Nisha
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  • 2 उत्तर

What are the tips to be followed before the examination ? Course on computer concepts

  • Nandita Tripathi
  • Nandita
  • 24013 दृश्य
  • 3 उत्तर
Can anyone give an overview of the Course on Computer Concepts (CCC)?

Overview of CCC

  • Vishal Tripathi
  • Vishal
  • 1091 दृश्य
  • 3 उत्तर
What is the minimum qualification one needs to have to purse Course on Computer Concepts?

Please tell me what are the eligibility and age criteria for Course on Computer Concepts?

  • Nandita Tripathi
  • Nandita
  • 1627 दृश्य
  • 1 उत्तर
which books I'm refer to pass CCC...???

Which book refer for ccc because I'm not join any computer institute for ccc.....

  • Anil Sulare Kannaujiyaa
  • Anil
  • 1179 दृश्य
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sir humko hindi me exam Dena hai

But yes app English me hai kya ye hindi me ho Sakta hai

  • Ram Vijay Verma
  • Ram
  • 1293 दृश्य
  • 1 उत्तर
Can someone please let me know about the upcoming dates of CCC Exam ?

Please let me know about the dates of Course on Computer Concepts Exam ?

  • Priya Verma
  • Priya
  • 619 दृश्य
  • 1 उत्तर
Which is the best book for the preparation of the course on computer concepts(CCC) exam?

Which is the best book for the preparation of the course on computer concepts(CCC) exam?

  • Vansha Jain
  • Vansha
  • 1701 दृश्य
  • 1 उत्तर
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