Unisys India Recruitment: Exam Pattern and Insights

Unisys India is a global IT company at Bengaluru India, established in the year 2004. It aims to connect the clients to help them in their business growth through strategic consulting, insightful leadership and innovative technology solutions. With the strata of over 3 lakh employees, the company enables its clients to reduce cost, streamline operations, increase security and mitigate risks thus helping them stay ahead of the innovation trend. Unisys placement process includes five steps from the onset of job application till the induction of the company. The minimum qualification required is that the candidate must be B.E / B. Tech graduate. Unisys is flexible in terms of offering jobs as it invites both freshers and experienced, however, the only eligibility an aspirant must ensure is the age limit of 20 years. The exam pattern is divided into aptitude and programming tests, which requires a thorough study by the candidates. Candidates are advised to practice Unisys previous year papers and mock tests to get through the selection.

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मुख्य हाइलाइट
Unisys का
Age Limit
Min-20 years
B.E / B. Tech
Paper can be attempted by
Selection Process
Apply online,Telephonic Interview,Assessment,Job Offer,Induction

Unisys Exam Pattern

The exam pattern is a set of 90 questions which marks the candidate in the field of programming, aptitude and technical. The duration of the exam is of 90 minutes. The questions in the concerned fields are segregated as follows:

  • Aptitude- 25 questions
  • Programming- General- 25 questions

                                   Output based- 15 questions

  • Technical- 25 questions


  • Minimum 20 years
  • B.E./ B.Tech Students


Selection process:

Step 1: Apply Online-

Search Job openings through by Country, State, City, Job Category and keyword on the company’s website. As soon as you find your preferred job, click “Apply online”. After the submission of your application, you will receive a confirmation mail.

Step 2: Telephonic Interview-

After you apply for the job position, a telephonic interview will be conducted with the talent acquisition team recruiter. The recruiter judges on the basis of your eligibility and experiences in the relative job position for which you have applied. The recruiter will look into the reasons of you switching your job in the company. The recruiter shall give you the insights of this opportunity of joining Unisys.

Step 3: Assessment-

Unisys has a group of professionals and specialists who take the interview procedure further. They look deeper into the skills required for your job profile and your approach towards the work. The recruiter shall look into your core values and analyse the track record of success, to make up a final report of your interview.

Step 4: Job Offer-

Once the recruiters assess and shortlist the number of candidates, the company offers the job and handover the responsibilities to the potential candidate. After the candidate accepts to join Unisys, he has to undergo certain background checks and medical tests.

Step 5: Induction-

After the acceptance of the offer, induction of the selected employee begins with the Unisys. This process involves detailed introduction of the company, the system access and complete details of all administrative work. These steps allow the candidate to legally be a part of Unisys. It includes interaction with the manager, teammates and undertake relevant training. This step is final as it connects the employee to the company’s whereabouts by making a familiar environment.

Skills -

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good knowledge of Operating systems, Network and Software management
  • Coordination skills
  • Multitasking skills


Tips and Tricks

  • Carefully attempt all questions, as there are no negative evaluation.
  • One must attempt previous years' papers and practice papers to get idea of the exam questions.
  • One must be focused enough while attempting technical questions as technical test holds imperative position in the selection of a candidate.
  • Candidates must have good communication skills.


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