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Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited commonly known as Deloitte is a UK- incorporated Multinational Professional services being headquartered in New york city.  Deloitte provides tax, audit, consulting and financial advisory services with more than 244,400 professionals globally. Deloitte has clients from almost 150 countries worldwide. The company conducts recruitment process every year for selection of young aspirants. The process includes three rounds: Written exam, Technical Interview and HR interview. Delloite Career is one of the dream job for every candidate, hence, all the candidates must prepare very well and practice previous years' papers, placement papers and mock tests. Delooitte is the most aspired companies for all job seekers, thus it invites both freshers and experienced through on-campus, off-campus, direct recruitment processes.

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ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (CS/IT),10th and 12th - 60% Backlogs - No
Selection Process
Written Exam , Technical Interview , HR Interview
Freshers / Experienced

Deloitte Recruitment

Deloitte Touche Tomatoesu Limited, commonly known as Deloitte. It is a multinational professional service based company in the USA. Their headquarters is in NewYork.

In FY2014, Deloitte is the largest service provider network in the world and also be the largest number of professionals by revenue. In other words, they stand in "Big Four".

Deloitte provides monitoring, tax, advisory, enterprise risk, and financial advisory services with more than 225,400 professionals in more than 150 countries. The company currently has a total of 46 global member organizations and recorded $ 35.2 billion in 2015-1Y.

According to a 2012 report, Deloitte had the most clients among the FTSE 250 companies in the UK. In 2015, Deloitte currently has the largest market share among the top 500 companies in India in terms of surveillance.

Kennedy Consultant has ranked Deloitte number one in both types of research and consulting worldwide consulting and management consulting for the fourth consecutive year.

In 2015, Fortune Magazine ranked Deloitte as one of the 100 '' most exceptional" companies. Similarly, Bloomberg Business consistently named Deloitte the best place to start a career.

How to get a job in Deloitte or How can they get placed in Deloitte?

To eligible for Deloitte, Candidates should have a minimum of 60%marks in Graduation and must have 60% marks in 12th an 10th. For those who are interested in getting a place in Deloitte, the detailed recruitment process is given below.

Deloitte Recruitment Process

Deloitte hires both freshers and experienced employees. Basically, Deloitte consists of 3 rounds to recruit fresher. Either for off Campus or On-Campus.

How to apply in Deloitte for freshers?

Interested candidates can apply directly to (Official website). Candidate can apply by providing personal information and submitting their resume.
On the other hand, Candidate can also visit their office.

Deloitte Placement Process

The Deloitte placement process is based on the following three steps. Candidates who will qualify the online aptitude test will be selected for the next round Group Discussion. And, Final is the Interview.

  1. Deloitte Aptitude Test

  2. Group Discussion

  3.  Deloitte Interview Process

How to apply for Deloitte off-campus for freshers?

Candidates should meet the eligibility criteria. Candidate should practice placement papers and some online mock tests. They can visit their official website and get information of their office in different countries.

Deloitte off campus

Deloitte off-campus Drive



 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited


 Graduation, B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, MCA, ME, BE

 Year Of Passing

 2020, 2019, 2018 Passouts



 Job Role


 Job Location

 Anywhere (Depend on Country)





Students like BA, B.Tech, MBA, BCom, BA, M.Tech, etc. are eligible for this drive. Moreover, Deloitte is providing a golden opportunity for freshers. The role of a job in Deloitte is Trainee Engineer, Software Trainee, Network Engineer, Business Analyst, etc.

We all know that Deloitte is one of the top MNCs and everyone wants to get a place in this kind of organization. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

How to crack the Aptitude Test? How to prepare for Deloitte Campus Placement?

Candidates who want to get a place in Deloitte should start preparation according to the exam pattern below. Firstly, Download or buy some books for the Aptitude Test and know the question style. After you have to practice this sample question. In addition, you can see other exam's Aptitude test Question Paper. And Practice this. Remember: Practice makes Perfect.


Deloitte Aptitude Test

The Deloitte Aptitude Test will have 3 sections - Quantitative, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Skills. Each section has a different deadline for answering questions.

The total number of questions to answer in 95 minutes will be 75. Candidates have to get a minimum of 70% marks in each category to be selected for the interview.

The good news is, there is no negative marking.

For, Off-Campus, there is an additional Programing Test. (25 questions 25 minutes).

Regular practice of the Deloitte Aptitude Test is the best answer for the question "How to prepare for Deloitte Campus Placement?"

Deloitte Online Test Pattern: Exam Pattern

Practice Deloitte Aptitude Questions



 Number of Questions

 Allotted Time

 Quantitative Aptitude

 14 Questions

 20 Minutes

 Logical Reasoning

 14 Questions

 14 Minutes

 Verbal Ability

 22 Questions

 18 Minutes

 Programming Test (Off-Campus)

 25 Questions (Approx)

 25 Minutes (Approx)



Deloitte Versant Test

Versant test Deloitte


 Deloitte Versant Test

 40 – 45 Questions

 20 Minutes


Deloitte English Versant test


How to crack the Deloitte Versant Test?

Do you want to crack the Versant Test? Yes. Basically, you have to master in Reading, Fill in that blanks, and Listening. For Practice, Atleast read 15 English pages every day and do practice Fill in the blanks, at least 30 questions per day. Similarly, Listen to more Podcasts, English TV news.


Deloitte Aptitude Test Syllabus

Deloitte Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus


 Numbers and Decimal Fractions


 Geometry and Mensuration


 Profit and Loss

 Coordinate Geometry

 LCM and HCF

 Ratio and Proportion

 Permutation and Combinations

 Surds and Indices

 Mixtures and Alligations



 Problems on Ages


 Quadratic Equations

 Time and Work

 Clocks and Calendar


 Pipe and Cistern

 Time, Speed and Distance


 Simple and Compound Interest

 Problems on Trains


Deloitte Logical Reasoning Syllabus


 Seating Arrangement


 Verbal Reasoning

 Coding and Decoding


 Missing Letters

 Blood Relation

 Number Series

 Analytical Reasoning

 Direction sense

 Pattern Recognition

 Data Interpretation

 Objective Reasoning

 Logical Problems

 Water and Mirror Images

 Odd Term Recognition

 Data Sufficiency

 Embedded Figures


Deloitte Verbal Ability Syllabus


 Parts of Speech


 Fill in the Blanks





 Spotting Errors

 Theme Detection

 Subject-Verb Agreement

 Para Jumbles

 Antonyms and Synonyms


 Sentence Improvement and Completion

 Idioms and Phrases


 English Comprehension

 Contextual Vocabulary


How to prepare for Deloitte Interview?

You should create your own with delete or any other similar meaning. As much as you need to know about some of the details of the company. While this is a simple suggestion, you will be surprised how many people do not.

Keep in mind that, What kind of position you are applying, Know the full details of this Position.

Deloitte Interview Process

Candidates who crack the aptitude test and Group Discussion will take part in the Deloitte interview.

Deloitte uses 3 steps in its interviews process:

  1. Resume and Cover letter screening and Orginal Documents verification.

  2. Technical Interview

  3. HR Interview

Deloitte Technical Interview Discussion

Basically, Deloitte conduct this round o verify the technical knowledge of the candidates. It may contain some complex questions.

Typically, here is some Computer-based topic that you can face in it.

Topic: OS, networking, DBMS, data structures, flow chart, algorithms, C, C ++, Java, Shell Program, Python, CV-based questions, areas of interest, and many more.

Deloitte HR Interview Discussion

In this HR round, initial HR questions are asked to test communication skills and confidence levels.

Questions may be raised from the candidate's background, hobbies, interests, documents, and qualifications, strengths and weaknesses, life goals, salary expectations, etc.

In some case, they can talk with you personal matter like Girlfriend, Ex-Gf, Love, and many other things.

Deloitte Interview Questions

Deloitte Technical Interview Questions


  1. Why would you want to work with Deloitte as an electrical engineer?

  2. How to use JavaScript?

  3. What is database normalization?

  4. Tell us about your training project?

  5. Explain Layer Model?

  6. What are the different functions of each level of the TCP / IP model?

  7. What is your favorite subject? Why do you like it?

  8. Explain the term inheritance.

  9. State differences between C and Java?

  10. What is database normalization?

  11. Tell us something about your training project?

  12. Explain the term "cloud computing"?

  13. What are the characteristics of clouds?

  14. What is HADOOP?

  15. Can you describe the underlying policy of HADOOP and cite some of its features, such as map reduction?

  16. What is the difference between the primary and foreign keys?

  17. What is Excel Macro? Explain how to use them?

  18. Explain your summer training project.

  19. What is an empty class? What functionality does it provide in Java?

  20. The difference between TCP and UDP.

  21. Draw a circuit of a low pass filter? What is the significance of this?

  22. What is IC?

  23. Define VLSI technology.

  24. Distinguish between LCD and LED screens.

  25. What is the main function of the data link content monitor?

Deloitte Jave Interview Questions

Deloitte interview questions java

Deloitte HR Interview Questions


  1. What is your dream job?

  2. Which is the most difficult situation you face in life?

  3. Why Deloitte?

  4. Did you face any challenging situations and what did you feel after that?

  5. What are your suggestions for deleting?

  6. Would you lie to the company?

  7. How do you feel about working in weekends?

  8. You may have to work in different technologies and different places. Are you ready to move?

  9. What are your future plans? Do you want to go to the MBA program as soon as you graduate?

  10. Tell me examples when you have demonstrated leadership qualities in your college?

  11. What are your ambitions in life?

  12. You took part in the pre-space discussion, say some negative things about the presentation, and how we should improve for the next time?

  13. How do you set goals for your life? Believe in making plans and strategies for the future or believe in accepting opportunities as they come?

  14. You need to attend your meeting related to your work but you also have to finish the work for your client, how do you handle this situation?

Five Important Deloitte Interview Questions recommended by recruiters

  1.  Tell us about yourself
  2.  What does your ideal job opportunity look like?
  3. Tell me about your weaknesses or your biggest failure at work
  4.  What are your salary expectations?
  5. Have you ever done x, y, and z?


Who is the CEO of Deloitte?

Punit Renjen, and Indian-American Businessman, Global CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. Since June 1, 2015, He plays a CEO role in this multinational company.

Who is the Founder of Deloitte?

William Welch Deloitte founded this Multinational Company in 1845, Deloitte.

When did Deloitte start in India?

Deloitte started their company in India, in the late 90s.

What does the green dot in the Deloitte logo denote?

According to the official website, Green dot shows a clear message that: We are here. Remember us. We are Deloitte.

Why Deloitte?

As We know, From acquiring international business skills to building relationships with professionals around the world and enriching your career - there are many opportunities. At Deloitte, your work will be challenging, meaningful, and will keep you at the top of your industry. That's why many people want to join Deloitte.


Tips and Tricks

Deloitte being the most aspired jobs holds a recruitment process where three rounds have to be cleared. One must conisder the following tips and tricks to crack Deloitte recruitment:

  • Check with the eligibility criteria very carefully.
  • One must attempt all questions carefully, as there is no negative marking.
  • Technical quotients must be studied thoroughly for the Progarmming section and Technical Interview.
  • Take online mock tests to know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Check previous years' interview questions to prepare well.
  • Solve previous years' question papers to test your knowledge, speed and accuracy.
  • Build good command over English grammar and communication.
  • Keep confident and particular while attempting interview rounds.


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Deloitte Placement Papers

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