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Logical Reasoning CAT के लिए अभ्यास मॉक टेस्ट

Got the tricks to solve Cubes and Dice questions easily, try a few questions in this online model test and compete with other CAT aspirants for cubes and dice questions under Logical Reasoning section.

A collection of questions that typically appear from the topics of clocks and calendars in CAT Mock Tests could be attempted here. Try and know what is the general difficulty level set for each question in CAT exam.

Binary logic MCQs are not so easy to put in your mind instantly, one needs to practice such questions regularly to answer quickly and accurately in CAT. Start attempting logical reasoning online practice test and become a binary logician pro.

Are you able to solve questions on Venn Diagram properly, If you are still facing difficulty in answering Venn diagram based questions then start taking CAT mock tests available at Youth4work and improve your performance day by day.

Odd One Out and Series based questions might have fallen out of date, but they still can come in CAT owing to the unpredictable nature of CAT. examination. Try a few questions from this section too.

Puzzle tests in the logical reasoning section of CAT are very tough to answer. Get into practice for solving such questions by regularly attempting the online tests on puzzles here.

Seating Arrangement questions involve the arrangement of persons in a circular table, rectangular table or in a linear fashion. Online CAT Mock Tests for this section are quite interesting for those who like to work upon logical questions.

This is the verbal reasoning section in CAT where you can attempt questions and answers on the topic Syllogism. Attempt free online CAT mock test on this topic here.

Prepare for Number and Letter Series Tests through preparation tests based on Logical Reasoning in CAT Examination. Try to capture the series in a few seconds to optimize your test taking-speed.

Reasoning based questions can never be complete without a few problems based on matching family members in Blood Relations. Solve this exciting mock test series for CAT Preparation for Family Trees.

Decipher the exact logical sequence in each question of this section CAT Logical Reasoning. There is only one correct answer to each question in CAT Mock Tests by Y4W.