Canadian Citizenship Exam Pattern, Details and Insights

The Canadian Citizenship Test is mandatory for all those who wish to apply for the Canadian citizenship. The basic requirement to be eligible for the Canadian Citizenship Test is that an applicant should be over the age of 18 years and the applicant must also be a permanent resident of Canada. Canadian Citizenship Test is organized and administered by the IRCC (Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada). IRCC was formed in the year 1994 to deal with matters that concerned immigration to Canada, citizenship for Canada along with matters related to refugee. IRCC maintains an official website that lays out detailed information regarding how to become a Canadian citizen. The application for Canadian citizenship is to be downloaded through the IRCC official website only. The applicants can fill the application form after meeting all the eligibility criteria prescribed by IRCC and after understanding the “filling out the application” process that includes forms, instructions, documents to be attached, information about fee payment, addresses with postal codes, etc. Applicants can take the Canadian Citizenship Test in two language, that is, English or French. The test can be a written test (shading answers with pencil) or the test can be oral (interview with the IRCC official) depending upon the procedures/protocols followed by IRCC. The duration of the test is about half hour with 20 choice-based questions. A candidate has to score at least 75% marks to pass the test by answering 15 questions correctly out of 20. The test will comprise of topics like history of Canada, Politics, Geography, rights and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen, etc. However, in case an applicant fails the Canadian Citizenship Test, the test is rescheduled for future date and if the applicant again fails the retake-test then the applicant has to clear an interview with a citizenship judge who asks 20 questions. The applicant again has to answer at least 15 answers correctly to pass the citizenship test. To Prepare well, candidates are advised to attempt Canadian Citizenship Exam previous year question papers.

मुख्य हाइलाइट
Canadian Citizenship Test का
Application fee
$630 for each adult,$100 for each minor
Mode and Medium
Written/Oral,English or French
30 minutes
Passing criteria
securing 75% or above
Declared right after the test is over
Age Limit
18 years old and older

Format/Pattern of the Canadian citizenship test

Mode of test: Written/Oral 

Total Questions: 20 MCQs

Duration of the Test: 30 minutes approx. . 

Medium of Test: English or French 

Scoring/Passing Criteria: minimum 75% marks to pass (answer 15 questions correctly out of 20)

Negative marking: No

Result: Declared right after the test is over


The application fee is to be paid in the online mode only.

  • $630 for each adult application (18 years old and older)
  • $100 for each minor application (less than 18 years old)
  • Mode of payment: with a credit card, prepaid card, or a debit card.

After you have filled all the necessary details in the application form with document proves, signature, photos and attached all the required documents, do a recheck to look for mistakes. The IRCC will send the application back if it is found to be incorrect or incomplete.


Submission of the Canadian Citizenship application form: The application form is to be sent by mail or courier to the Case Processing Centre in Sydney. The exact address can be found on the IRCC official website. After the application is submitted, one can check application processing time by logging onto the IRCC website and check the status of the application.


After the Canadian Citizenship Test

Results: IRCC will inform the results of the written/oral test to the applicant right after the test is completed.

Topics/Syllabus for Canadian Citizenship Test: 

During the test or the interview, IRCC will ask the applicants questions about the following topics:

·         citizens': rights, freedoms, responsibilities,
·         democracy
·         society and ways to take part
·         physical and political geography
·         social and cultural history and symbols
·         political and military history, including the: monarchy, political system, branches of government

Getting ready (Preparation) for the Canadian Citizenship Test 

IRCC will contact the applicant after sometimes his/her citizenship application is accepted. The officials at IRCC will notify the applicant about the application status by mail/email or both. The applicant will also be sent the copy of “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship” study guide for the test preparation. All questions in the test will be asked from this study guide. In addition, IRCC will also send a notice to the applicant informing about the date and time of the test to be taken along with venue and other details.

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