Citizenship Test

Attempt online practice tests here to prepare for the US citizenship. US Citizenship Test is a standard exam for American Citizenship. The normalization test comprises of questions based on history, geography and civics of the USA.

Practice online with these mock tests available here based on the Canadian Citizenship Test and check how prepared you are to become a citizen of Canada. Canadian Citizenship Test is a 30 minute written MCQ exam with questions based on history, geography, political system and rights & duties of citizens of Canada.

Practice online with the Australian Citizenship Mock Test here if you are going to appear for the Aussie Citizenship Test. The Australian Citizenship Test judges an applicant's knowledge of history, traditions, and life in Australia along with expertise in the English language with a 45-minute exam with 20 questions.

Attempt a practice test here to know how well you know life in the United Kingdom. Life in the UK Test is a mandatory 24 questions online test for British citizenship or naturalization as a citizen of the United Kingdom. The Life in the UK Test basically checks whether the applicant has adequate knowledge of the English language, history, traditions, and British life.