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Module-II Executive के लिए अभ्यास मॉक टेस्ट

Financial and Strategic Management includes various topics like Receivables management, Inventory management, Cash management.etc. All of these topics have been covered in the Mock Test in detail to provide full assistance in learning and understanding to the candidates.

We provide the latest Mock Test prepared by experts for the Economic, Business, and Commercial Laws section. Attempt this mock test to excel in your career and become a successful CS. Questions in the test are latest and objective-based.

The corporate and Management Accounting section requires lots of hard work to be cracked. But there is a need for worrying, Attempt this evaluated Mock Test to excel in your preparations and fulfill your dream of becoming a Company Secretary one day.

Capital Markets and Securities Laws for CS Module 2 Practice Paper contains questions related to capital market trends, security laws, rules and regulations. Try Y4w CS Mock Test and get world rankings in the exam.