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What is the tips for cracking UPSC exam?

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  • Cracking the UPSC exam requires dedication, strategy, and perseverance. First, understand the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly. Develop a structured study plan and stick to it. Stay updated with current affairs and practice answer writing. Choose quality study materials and seek guidance if needed. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, manage time effectively, and stay motivated. Remember, consistency is the key to success in this highly competitive exam.

  • UPSC Preparations:

    ► The most efficient method for preparations for any competitive exam is to be well-known about the exam pattern and the syllabus of the exam that we are appearing.
    ► Practice the mock tests and test yourself with the mock tests that have questions according to the exam difficulty level and the exam pattern.
    ► The UPSC Mock Test Series can help you in ensuring all the topics covered required for the exam.
    ► The previous year's papers will help you gain learning about the exam. Download PDF of UPSC previous year papers here.

  • Try to have a mindset to clear it in one attempt only.
    Don't take the first attempt until you are so confident that " AGAR MUJHE DIFFICULT GAYA TO PURI COUNTRY KO DIFFICULT JAYEGA"
    1. PLANNING:- plan it from the exam days backward. you should know what you are gonna read a day, a day, a week, a month before the exam and accordingly plan this day, this week, this month to make life easy for you during the exam.
    2. GUIDANCE:- Choose the right mentors. Be with positive people. Right guidance can save you a lot of time and reduce your pain.
    3. SMART WORK:- Smart work can be done by keenly observing others doing it. It's a tech-savvy world if you aren't using technology smartly and efficiently you may fall behind.
    4. MOTIVATION:- Think like a soldier who fights for his motherland. How many attempts does he have?
    Or If you are drowning in the ocean, How many attempts do you have to survive?


  • The following steps are manditory to crack UPSC exam
    Prepare a suitable time-table
    Study and revision should be part of your syllabus
    Focus on basic concepts
    make notes
    Keep yourself updated with current affairs
    Reading newspapers
    Practice previous years question papers
    Focus on your personality and communication skills
    And most importantly, be honest to yourself

  • Useful Tips:
    (a). Learn the requirements of the UPSC Civil Services Exam
    (b). Stay away from low-quality coaching centers
    (c). Learn, Practice and Revise UPSC previous year question papers
    (d). Follow the IAS articles and UPSC guidance
    (e). Buy some essential books
    (f). Read online free UPSC study materials

  • Tips to organize For UPSC Exam: high ten Preparation Tips for UPSC

    Tip #1 - For starting off thriving within the UPSC communication one has to be intended and assured concerning his/her own talents as a result of as long as one believes in them will they place in 100 percent efforts.

    Tip #2 - To begin with the preparation the candidates ought to often follow one national newspaper and magazines to stay them updated of the newest happenings in and round the world.

    Tip #3 - Also the candidates ought to be conscious of the pattern of the UPSC that could be a 3 stage examination and direct their efforts consequently.

    Tip #4 - The course of study ought to be studied well and one by one the topics ought to be preoccupied and will be ready in nice detail.

    Tip #5 - It is recommended to decide on subjects that you're learning otherwise you have already studied. this can assist you had best since you already realize the topic. solely somewhat a lot of effort and revision are going to be required.

    Tip #6 - The candidates ought to be dedicated enough as a result of it's going to need quite one decide to crack the UPSC communication.

    Tip #7 - Also, a decent teacher WHO will guide you well will persuade be an excellent advantage as a result of the teacher will arrange your schedule so your efforts don't seem to be wasted.

    Tip #8 - It is recommended for the candidates to own discussions with fellow candidates on numerous topics from the course of study. These discussions assist you retain a lot of.

    Tip #9 - Though you're putting in place your 100 percent you ought to conjointly learn the technique of your time Management. All the queries got to be wiped out a given quantity of your time.

    Tip #10 - The candidates might take employment categories if necessary however solely once a decent analysis ought to they select a training centre.

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