RBI ASSISTANT - Preparation Tips,Tricks,Cracks, Dos and Don's ?

RBI ASSISTANT - Preparation Tips,Tricks,Cracks, Dos and Don's ? PLEASE TELL?

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·         Do take Mock Tests to know your Strengths’ & Weaknesses, take it seriously and don’t get demotivated if you score less.
·         RBI ASSISTANT 2018 will have fixed timings for different sections.
·         Make a time table and go by the schedule.
·         Do eat well before going. Keep yourself hydrated.
·         Refer books, make notes as well online portals to know where you stand.
·         Prepare well by studying for English through English Books like Ren and Martin.
·         Prepare well for Quantitative as well qualitative aptitude.
·         Prepare also for Financial and General Awareness.
·         There will be 100 questions are in RBI ASSISTANT Pre and 200 questions in RBI ASSISTANT Main so, try to manage time.
·         Wrong answers will fetch you 0 marks and right answers will fetch you +1 marks.
·         Prepare from starting don’t leave it for the last day, as hurriedness kills everything.
·         Practice previous year RBI ASSISTANT 2018 Examinations’ Papers for the best insights.
·         Read all the instructions before going for examinations.
·         Keep yourself away from distractions like Televisions and Mobile Phones.
·         Always save time for revision.
·         Use Cheat Codes to Learn and gain knowledge.
·         Don’t get panicked, always reach on time and try to calm your mind and body.
·         Always be calm minded as worrying will only damage your concentration.
 All the Best.

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