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  • Topics for SSC JE Syllabus for Electrical Exam 2017

    1) Basic Network
    Weightage: 30 – 35 Questions
    Mostly Numerical Asked, Requires Practice, Time taking.
    Question Types/ Sub Topics: Concepts of Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance and various factors affecting them. Concepts of Current, Voltage, Power, Energy and their units.
    Circuit law: Kirchhoff‘s law, Simple Circuit solution using network theorems. Magnetic coupled circuits, AC.
    Fundamentals: Instantaneous, peak, R.M.S. and average values of alternating waves, Representation of sinusoidal waveform, simple series and parallel AC Circuits consisting of R.L. and C, Resonance, star and delta connection, the sinusoidal response of R-Land R-C circuit. 

    2) Electrical Machines :
    Weightage: 25 – 30 Questions
    Extensively Theoretical, Moderate Accuracy Possible.
    Question Types/ Sub Topics: DC Generators, DC Motors, the Parallel operation of transformers, Auto Transformers. Synchronous Motors, Induction Motors, Parallel operation of alternators.

    3) Basic Electronics :
    Weightage: 10 – 15 Questions
    Theoretical, Need to understand the Working principle of each Device, Moderate Accuracy.
    Question Types/ Sub Topics: Working with various electronic devices P-N Junction Diodes. Transistors (NPN and PNP type), BJT, JFET and MOSFETs, Op-amps. Oscillators and Feedback Amplifiers, Frequency Response. Optical devices and Simple circuits using these devices.

    4) Power Systems :
    Weightage: 10 – 15 Questions
    Moderately Time Consuming, Moderate Accuracy Possible.
    Question Types/ Sub Topics: Economics of Power Generation, Power Factor Improvement, Power System Protection, Transmission Lines, Power Generator Stations, Power Distribution System.

    5) Measurement & Measuring Instruments :
    Weightage: 10 – 15 Questions
    The ratio of numerical & theoretical questions is 50:50, Moderately Time Consuming.
    Question Types/ Sub Topics: Error Analysis, Measurement of power using 2 Watt meter, AC Bridges, PMMC & PMMI Instruments.

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