Bank of Baroda WMP - Preparation Tips, TRicks, Cracks, Dos and Dont's ?

Bank of Baroda Wealth Management Professional - Preparation Tips, TRicks, Cracks, Dos and Dont's?

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  • ·Do take Mock Tests to know your Strengths’ & Weaknesses, take it seriously and don’t get demotivated if you scoreless.
    ·BOB’s Wealth Management Professional 2018 will have fixed timings for different sections.
    ·Make a timetable and go by the schedule.
    ·Do eat well before going. Keep yourself hydrated.
    ·Refer books, make notes as well online portals to know where you stand.
    ·There will be 200 questions so, try to manage time.
    ·Right answers will fetch you +1 marks.
    ·Prepare from starting don’t leave it for the last day, as hurriedness kills everything.
    ·Practice previous year BOB’s Wealth Management Professional 2018 Examinations’ Papers for the best insights.
    ·Read all the instructions before going for examinations.
    ·Keep yourself away from distractions like Televisions and Mobile Phones.
    ·Always save time for revision.
    ·Use Cheat Codes to Learn and gain knowledge.
    ·Don’t get panicked, always reach on time and try to calm your mind and body.
    ·Always be calm minded as worrying will only damage your concentration.

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