What is Youth4work Prep Test ?

Youth4work Prep Test is the Next GENERATION LEARNING TOOL for all competitive exams.

Our Tests are the most Unique and widely Given Practice Tests in India. We are having 500+ exams for different categories such as Govt Jobs, Placements, Management, Engineering and many other tests. You can take free tests here- https://www.prep.youth4work.com

Also, you will be given Unlimited Access for all exams on upgrading your Account. After Upgrading, you can practice for multiple exams or all exams as per your choice.

How to take Test, check here- https://kb.youth4work.com/how-to-take-practice-in-prep-tests-2ee74cb87479

How is Youth4work Prep Test different from other such platforms?

Our Prep tests work on Artificial Intelligence, our tests are Adaptive. It has certain level of difficulty for each of the Question such as Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard and very Hard. For e.g., whenever you attempt any test, if you answer an Easy Question correct, then the next Question will be Medium leveled or if you answer that Easy Question incorrect, then the Next Question will be Very Easy.

It maintains a higher level of Accuracy than a fixed test. This will increase your chances to crack your exam at First attempt itself.

Where you can see the Prep Tests’ Performance Analysis?

Here we have Prep Tests Report Section where you can Mirror Your Test Performance. Prep Report is a comprehensive single report for all the analysis of all the practice tests for all the exams you are preparing for. Once you finish any practice test session, you will be automatically redirected to your prep report. With this report, you can understand your relative speed, accuracy and score amongst all the sections of an exam, indicating you to focus and improve on specific sections. Check your Report here- https://www.prep.youth4work.com/MyReport

Click here to know more- https://kb.youth4work.com/my-report-mirrors-your-performance-e381d02bbcae

Youth4work has Preparation Tests + Full Length Mock Tests as well.

Traditionally mock tests are in line with the pattern of the actual exam. However, at times, the test taker would not want to attempt all the sections of the test. Maybe s/he is good at certain area which s/he would like to exclude while practicing. So, are there any such modifiable mock tests?

Youth4work provides Prep Tests which can be modified in terms of the test taker’s choice. This can be helpful when the exam pattern changes or for those who want to focus on specific sections and topics.

You can refer to this link- https://kb.youth4work.com/now-design-your-own-prep-test-62f4f039a82d

Also, we provide with FULL LENGTH MOCK TESTS according the exam pattern only if you have upgraded your account. Before upgrading, please contact +91 9661341007 to enquire about the mock tests.

What is Upgrade and How to Upgrade?

People can attempt first 50 questions for free and check their performance reports, after which they would have to upgrade to any 1 of the 3 available subscription plans when prompted. With any upgrade pack, you get an unlimited access to all questions of one or more exams for that specific period. You can check all the Upgrade plans here- https://www.prep.youth4work.com/Upgrade

And you can Upgrade through Simple & Secure Online Payment Modes- Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card or PayTm.

Check How To Upgrade For Prep Tests Step by Step here- https://kb.youth4work.com/how-to-upgrade-for-youth4work-prep-tests-4142673b0fe5

What are the Benefits of Upgrading ?

After Upgrading only, you get the following benefits:

• Unlimited Practicing Access for all exams
• Recommended Topics / section wise practice questions
• Detailed Performance Analysis
• Complete Solutions

Where do we get the Solutions of the Questions?

Only Upgraded Users get the Solutions/Short Tricks/Explanations. Since we have lacs of questions we can't provide solution for each and every question but we do provide solution for the questions in which you face any difficulty and for that you need to comment your query in the comment box to the right of the question. Along with the question, you will have complete explanation directly into your Y4W Inbox and your registered email id as well.