Which subjects will be covered in the syllabus for Indian Air Force Y Group Exam?

Please give the detailed syllabus for Indian Air Force Y Group Exam.

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  • Indian Air Force Group Y Exam Syllabus
    IAF Group Y Exam 2020 Syllabus:-


    I. Comprehension

    A small passage followed by questions.
    1. To judge comprehension
    2. Drawing of inferences
    3. Use of vocabulary

    II Composition

    1. Agreement of subject with verb
    2. Pattern of verb and their use.
    3. Sequence of tenses.
    4. Transformation of sequences-Compound, Complex, Simple, Negative, Affirmative.

    III Grammar

    1. Spellings
    2. Word formation
    3. Antonyms and Synonyms
    4. One word substitution
    5. Correct usage of articles
    6. Correct usage of Prepositions
    7. Correct usage of adjectives-degrees of comparison
    8. Correct usage of conjunctions
    9. Correct usage of Nouns and Pronouns
    10. Correct usage of numbers (Singular-Plural)
    11. Words, which are commonly getting confused
    12. Word order
    13. Correct usage of Adverbs

    IV. Idioms and Phrases

    1. Use of simple idioms
    2. Use of Common proverbs

    V. Direct / Indirect sentences : Narration change
    1. Change of various types of sentences from direct to indirect form
    2. Change of various types of sentences from indirect to direct form

    VI. Active and Passive Voices
    1. Change of all types of sentences from active topassive form
    2. Change of all types of sentences from passive to active form


    (A) Reasoning (Verbal and Non-Verbal)

    1. Numerical Series
    2. Distance and Direction Sense Test
    3. Mathematical Operations (Assigning Value to Arithmetic Sign)
    4. Number Ranking & Time Sequence Test
    5. Assign Artificial Values to Mathematical Digit
    6. Inserting Correct Mathematical Digit
    7. Human Relation
    8. Coding and Decoding
    9. Odd Man Out
    10. Mutual Relation Problem
    11. Tallest Youngest Relation
    12. Dictionary Words
    13. Analogy
    14. Non Verbal Reasoning
    15. Number Coding
    16. Number Puzzle

    (B) Mathematics

    17. Ratio and proportion
    18. Average
    19. LCM, HCF
    20. Profit and Loss
    21. Time, Distance and Speed
    22. Percentage
    23. Simplification of Numbers
    24. Fraction
    25. Area of Triangle, Square and Rectangle
    26. Surface area and Volume of Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone and Sphere
    27. Probability
    28. Simple Trigonometry

    (C) GK and CA

    29. General Science
    30. Civics
    31. Geography
    32. Current Events
    33. History
    34. Basic Computer Operation

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