hey i have left less than 1 months for my cs foundation exam and i havent studied anything yet is it possible to clear cs foundation exam now if its possible than pllzz help me??

how to clear cs foundation if less than one month is left

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18 Answers
  • You can do it

  • yes you can becoz nothing is impossible and first of all you should start to generate positive vibes in yourself and believe in yourself. the only responsible person to save you is yourself only

  • bro yu are fail don't worry😂😂

  • Trust in yurself.. Think of the ppl who will feel wen yu fail.. Yu will get a fire n Read.. Dnt read by overstraining.. Go through the entire book first of all.. Then yu will cum to knw wt are the topics given.. then read the theory wen yu r energetic n nt feeling sleepy.. wen yu feel sleepy do the accs n statistics.. Follow this.. Yu would surely clear.. Fear kills us.. So dnt wry!! Yu can.. All the very best!!

  • 1 month is enough to crack foundation program so now stop wasting time and start reading textbook and glossary text questions and solve the practice paper given at the end of the book allot 1 week for each book

  • You can

  • first of all believe in ur self " I can do it ", take a module & go read it only main topic like commence, characteristics, merit & demerits only bcz time is very short, so daily learn & practice two module "one theory & one practical" & at-least last two year question paper solve within time limit & now it's ur duty to make proper timetable schedule.. Best of luck for CS foundation exam held in 29 & 30 Dec.

  • i m in same condition

  • yha pe koi hindi me bat krta hai kya kyoki mujhe english smajh nhi aati jyada

  • How can study start for which subject

  • just study the books issued by icsi i will pass it like a cup of tea

  • I m in same condition ??

  • you can..shefali

  • u can clear ur exam easily.....just believe in urself & work hard.....if u r having any prblm u can contact me....

  • give me your what's app number because I am in same condition we will study together

  • yes dear it is possible...just go through your all subjects one time ...and u will pass your exam .. i m sure...

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  • Yes you can. It is ‘not impossible' to study for CS-Foundation in a month's time. I myself prepared for CS-Foundation in a month on my own and secured AIR. So here are few tips which I followed myself.
    Take a module and go through its index to get an idea about what that subject contains. For example, if you take the business economics module, go through its index. By this you will get an overall idea about the topics covered in it.
    Mark the topics which you think you have some knowledge about it. In Business economics, there will be chapters on topics such as demand and supply, diminishing returns etc. which you might have studied in your high school if you are a commerce student. Mark them because these are such topics the concepts of which you already know; you just need to revise it. Also marks topics about which you have no idea . Try to read these topics first as it will consume more time. Thenafter, read the known topics.
    Use menemonics, memory maps, flow charts etc. to understand and retain the concepts. Write them down in a separate book for each subject. Writing down the concepts etc. will help you to retain for a long time. [ If you are that person who is lazy to write in a separate book, write the concepts in brief in the margin of your module where the topic is situated.] P.S. whether you are lazy or not writing in the margin really helps when you are doing a last minute revision.
    While reading the chapters, mark lines and words which you think are important and can be asked for mcqs. You can use different coloured pens to mark the important points. Use sticky notes as well. This can work as a flash card for you.
    Basic Law has been introduced in the foundation course. This is new and legal jargons are used so it generally take more time than the rest subjects. Devote more time to it. Topics such as Contract Act, Sale of goods Act, etc are important and it is necessary to understand the underlying concepts thoroughly. These acts, if concepts are very clear, can help you to fetch more marks.
    Time period for each subject:
    Business environment and entrepreneurship: 10 days
    Business management, ethics and communication: 6–7 days
    Business economics: not more than 6 days
    Fundamentals of accounting and auditing: 6–7 days
    Note: the time period is tentative.
    7. Also you should keep in mind that at least you should read two modules per day. This will help you to not get bored.
    Practice Accounts daily. Auditing is a new topic, try to read it daily.
    8. Don't procastinate.
    Believe in yourself.
    Study at that time which suits you the best.
    Avoid any kind of distractions like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. your friends can live without you for a month.

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