I have only 1 month left for cs foundation exam. can I clear cs foundation ? how many hours should I study a day and what should be my strategy ? please help

cs foundation

  • Rahul
  • 31 Jan
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Make two types of time table:
1. First rough draft for next 3months
2. Concrete time-table for every week or two

So first make a rough draft of 3 month, for example September for 2 subjects or 3 subjects. Then Oct first 15 days for revision and then next 3 subjects in remaining 15days.

For concerte time table:
Initially set goal for a week and no matter what, follow it.

Trick here lies is that if you set a concert time table for 3months you might miss out a day sometimes due to some uncertainty, disturbing your whole time table.

You can't eat all the breads on the plate in one go. You need to complete one bread to eat another and decide can you consume 3rd bread now or little later. So finish your first goal and decide whether you need a revision or you can go for another chapter or subject.

For concerts time table if you decide to complete a chapter in 3days keep 1days extra. Extra day is if you could not complete it in 3days you have a day in extra to cover it up without disturbing your timetable for next days.
(But don't take that extra day as an excuse to watch movie or for time pass.) And in case if you complete your chapter in allotted three day, bingo! you can continue with another chapter and you have extra days where you can revise the chapters.

  • i have my paper in July in not in December . please help

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