which type of questions ask in cs foundation in accounting

which type of questions ask in cs foundation in accounting please tell me theory and practical

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  • Facts, Syllabus and Pattern
    What is CS Foundation?
    ICSI CS Foundation is primarily the Company Secretary Foundation 2018.
    The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), which controls the CS Foundation, is an organisation that has been working towards constant development of company secretaries in the country.
    You will finish the first level of the Company Secretary Course when you clear the CS Foundation Programme successfully.
    The ICSI grants degrees and memberships to candidates on the basis of their performance in the ICSI exam, which is conducted in three different stages. The first stage is the Foundation Course that includes a myriad of important subjects that form the base of the profession.
    The CS Foundation was conducted on June 9 and June 10, 2018
    Syllabus for CS Foundation
    Paper 1: Business Environment and Law
    Part A: Business Environment
    Business Environment
    Forms of Business Organization
    Scales of Business
    Emerging Trends in Business Concepts, Advantages and Limitations
    Business Functions
    Part B: Business Laws
    Introduction to Law
    Elements of Company Law
    Elements of Law relating to Partnership and LLP
    Elements of Law relating to Contract
    Elements of Law relating to Sale of Goods
    Elements of Law relating to Negotiable Instruments
    Elements of Information Technology Act
    Role of CS- Duties and Responsibilities, Areas of Practice
    Paper 2: Business Management, Ethics and Entrepreneurship
    Part A: Business Management
    Nature of Management and its Process
    Human Resource Management
    Direction and Coordination
    Recent Trends in Management
    Part B: Business Ethics
    Overview of Ethics in Business
    Ethical principles in Business- Indian and Ancient Indian Perspective
    Part C: Business Communication
    Business Communication
    Essentials of Good English
    Business Correspondence
    Interdepartmental Communication
    Part D: Entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneurship-Creativity and Innovation
    Growth and Challenges of Entrepreneurial Ventures
    Social Entrepreneurship
    Government Initiatives for Business Development
    Social Entrepreneurship
    Government Initiatives for Business Development
    Paper 3: Business Economics
    Part A: Economics
    The Fundamentals of Economics
    Basic Elements of Demand and Supply
    Theory of Consumer Behaviour
    Theory of Production and Costs
    Analysis of Markets
    Indian Economy- An Overview
    Basic Elements of Money and Banking
    Part B: Elementary Statistics
    Descriptive Statistics
    Mathematics of Finance and Elementary Probability
    Paper 4 : Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing
    Part A: Fundamentals of Accounting
    Theoretical Framework
    Accounting Process
    Bank Reconciliation Statement
    Depreciation Accounting
    Preparation of Final Accounts for Sole Proprietors
    Partnership Accounts
    Introduction to Company Accounts
    Accounting for Non-Profit Organizations
    Computerized accounting environment
    Part B: Fundamentals of Auditing
    Audits and Auditor’s Reports
    Exam Pattern for CS Foundation
    The Institute has taken a decision to discontinue the OMR based examination and has started the Computer Based Examination (CBE) since June 2014.
    You will still continue to be assessed through multiple choice questions (MCQs). You will be given 4 options, of which one will be correct. There is no negative marking for the wrong answer.
    Here is the marking scheme of Computer Based Examination:-
    The Computer-Based Exam will be conducted in all those cities in India and aboard, where the Institute’s existing examinations are currently held.
    The questions will be displayed on the computer screen both in English and Hindi.
    Subjects like Business Management, Communication and Ethics will have questions only in English.

    How to prepare
    Preparation Tips for CS Foundation
    Solve sample question papers: Sample question papers give you first-hand experience of the actual exam questions and help you better understand the topics, the quality expected, and also the skills needed.
    Read articles on diverse topics: The more you read, the more you will get a grasp on the comprehension section. It will also help you absorb contradictory subjects and become good at sifting through content.
    Practice, practice and more practice: Keep revising all the topics you’ve studied, otherwise, those concepts might get wiped off from your memory. It’s better to be safe than to forget everything you studied at the last minute.
    Improve your general awareness: The Indian and world atmosphere section in the exam focuses on your general knowledge. So, it’s important to keep a tab on the news dailies, magazines headlines, news channels and current affairs associated with national and international avenues.
    Work on speed and accuracy: Always try to solve model papers or previous years’ papers by maintaining a stipulated time-limit. It will help you develop both speed and accuracy that help immensely during the exams.
    Sample Papers for CS Foundation
    Solving sample papers and previous year papers is not only advisable, but also important if you want to stay ahead of the stiff competition in CS Foundation 2018. Solving sample papers will help you prepare for the expected paper and its pattern while also assisting you in learning efficient time management. You can also assess your own performance by practicing sample papers and judge your level of preparations for CS Foundation 2018.
    Previous Years’ Papers for CS Foundation
    Practising previous years’ CS Foundation papers is important, as it helps you simulate the real exam. Toppr provides you with a complete set of all question banks from previous years which you can practice to sharpen your skills.

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