how to prepare CS foundation exam in one month ?

it's my 2nd term for foundation . m not sure what happened this term..m so tnsd for exams..what should I do ?

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3 Answers
  • The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is you should study from the modules. You can use other books for reference.
    But yes do not forget to study from modules. Start with the business environment and law as it will be a new subject to you.
    It is the core subject in CS so it is important to study it well. This will help you in the future too. Study regularly and start asap. End moment studies confuse you because the level of CS is different. It's not like the regular college exams that you can prepare in 1 week or 3–4 days.
    To know about the paper pattern you can buy scanners which will help you to understand questions and what type of questions are asked in the exam.
    You have 30 days to prepare so make sure that you don't leave the topic for the end moment.
    Concept clarity is very important. Make sure your concepts are clear. Give it your best shot.

  • if u failed in foundation how would u clear executive is waste of time for u..i mean focus on what u can and not on what u cant...okay...

  • First of all don't be tensed because your half strength goes there. Try to be consistent with your studies. If you are doing self study then then focus on your pattern of studying complete one topic or chapter the try to solve mcq from that chapter. Prepare your notes only for quick revision. Take care of your health and have balance diet before Exam . All the best

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