hello everyone. my self Akshay. I am new joined with you.. how much same syllabus between CMA and cs exam

group wise syllabus comparison between CMA and cs

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  • CMA = Cost & Management Accountant = Your Sibling. Whenever you are in dilemma, your sibling is the one person who comes to your rescue, to help you decide. This is exactly what a CMA does. CMA is a decision maker and plays the advisory role in an organization.
    Prospects of a Cost & Management Accountant -
    1) CMA are primarily required in large production/service oriented companies, Public Sector undertakings and multinational companies.
    2) Small companies, Startups, NGOs, Government departments, etc. do not require a CMA or many times cannot afford a CMA and their role in combined to other roles. CMA has more restricted industry options when compared to CA.
    3) This is because business decisions can be taken by anyone, but having a CMA ensures that you make the best business decisions.

    CS = Company Secretary = Your Mom. Your food, your routine, your clothes, your room and every other thing that you need to keep up yourself, is done with the help of Mom. Your Mom does the work of maintaining you. Similarly a Company Secretary does the work of maintaining and running the company by ensuring all legal compliances..

    Prospects of a Company Secretary -
    1) Company Secretary are refined version of Lawyers but specialize in Company Law only.
    2) With New Company Law, the role of Company Secretaries has got a lot of importance.
    3) With the increase in amount of Corporate Compliances, it is becoming very difficult for other professions to hijack the work of Company Secretary and thereby, now every large corporate needs an inhouse Company Secretary.
    4) This course is similar to CA and CMA, except that here subjects are more inclined towards Company and allied Corporate Laws.

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