New portion 2018 is out. is it beneficial for me to convert to new syllabus right now? or should i attempt to pass in old syllabus?

CS Executive. whether to switch to new syllabus or not?

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5 Answers
  • 1st complete by old ayllbus only..anyway if u pass executive final will be new only

  • thanks hetvi for A2a
    Switching to new syllabus seems to be a wiser option and it is a wiser option.
    sticking to old syllabus does not make any sense or else you will have to take the eligibility test which will make the process longer including a redundant step for you which you can escape easily. 
    another advantage of new syllabus is that it is more concise, more organised and more user friendly. when it comes to new syllabus less intricate questions will be asked. 
    so with all these reasoning you should stick to new syllabus as soon as possible.
     all the best and happy learning.

  • Switch to new syllabus as soon as possible

  • No u have to give eligibility test to appear

  • its upto you.if you are good at mcq you give old syllabus but the new syllabus is really good im also studying in new syllabus

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