What are the tricks to the pass the exam with handsome marks?

Which are the subjects that are more scoring compared to the others?

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5 Answers
  • Tips and Tricks
    Candidates must attempt questions carefully, as there is  0.25 negatiive marking as well.
    Candidates must revise their concepts thoroughly.
    Candidates must have thorough knowledge of law terms.
    Take online mock tests to know your strengths and weaknesses to better prepare all the four sections.
    Candidates must practice placement papers and mock tests to prepare well.
    FOR PRACTICE BOOK LINKS, click here.

  • Macro-economics
     Macro-economics is considered to be a good scoring subject so prepare Macro Economics prior to other sections. Make flash cards or record your own voice while reading the stats out loud. So that you can refer to them whenever you have the time. Since you have to memorize all the data. In case you do not remember anything here during the exam please leave un-attempted to avoid negative marking.
    Probably the most intimidating subject for CPT. Practiced as many MCQs as possible. Practice the easy sums and work your way to the complicated ones. Integration and differentiation are also important in statics, and you should not miss out on that.

  • in qa and accounts, if you want to score more marks then Tick the answer which is decimal or unrounded figures 99% that will be the correct answer

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