tips to prepare for CA CPT exams

how to crack CA CPT exam?

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8 Answers
  • . 1.Prioritize Accounts
    2. Mercantile Law
    3.  Economics
    4. Quantitative Aptitude
    5. Non-Attempting the Whole
    While appearing the CA CPT, don’t keep in mind that you will attempt the whole 100 questions assigned in the examination paper.
    6.  Reading Method
    Read fast, the first page for five minutes and then read slowly to comprehend the topic clearly. After completion of a chapter in this way, attempt all the questions given in the book and then check the answers given.
    7. Revision Method
    While making the revision, take up those areas where you have answered incorrectly at your first attempt. This process of revision should be repeated till you are fully-versed and correct on a particular chapter
    8. Maintain Positivity
    All throughout your preparation as well as in your examination maintain complete positivity without having any fear or apprehension about your success in your CA CPT.

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  • take rest till reasonable time and don't stress your self and study daily to avoid fear during the time of exam

  • 4 .take mock test

  • prepare something like fast track material just like me

  • it is good side if you are prepare Guru than you will clear your basic concept.

  • 1 . fresh up your mind 2 . give fast reading 3 . again slow reading which gives better understanding 4 . take mock test 5 . write exam well

  • Hi deepshikha, I’m sharing CA CPT exam preparation Tips
    The basic aim behind the CPT test is to envision the aptitude for the CA cpt course you would be undertaking. We have a tendency to are listing for you some easy and really achievable tips for cracking the CA CPT June test.
    i. Since you would like to get at least 30 per cent in all subjects, remember that you just have to be compelled to consider all subjects so that you can qualify the basics for all subjects. This can be a recent change as a result of up to now the rules were overall than subject wise. 
    ii. Since you are appearing for a CA paper remember that Accounting is the key. If your basics in accounts are clear, your chances of clearing the examination automatically rise. Make sure you practice the subject well and learn your theory too.
    iii. Another necessary prospect for CPT examination is the law merchant. After accounts it is referred to as most scoring subject. Again, don’t fret just sedately practice and learn the Contract Act additionally.
    iv. Though economic science as an entire is marking and easy as compared to other subjects and in this too tries and complete Macroeconomic science first because it is additional rating.
    v. though some get hot and bothered in mathematics and statistics however keep in mind that not all topics are an equivalent. There are some easier than others so try to complete the ones learnt during your faculty terms in CA cpt exams. In statistics try and complete Differentiation and integration, Correlation and regression and theoretical distribution as these square measure necessary.
    vi. Though some are of the opinion that you just should not be making an attempt the whole paper but the logic defies this belief. try queries you're certain off. only later try your hand at the parts you're not sure about.
    vii. In CA cpt test most im

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