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Practice Tests for Quantitative Aptitude ICICI Bank

Practice online with Data Interpretation Mock Test Series and find out how much you score before you appear for the actual ICICI Bank Selection Test. Compute the values of each question carefully.

Give a free Mensuration Online Mock Test for ICICI Bank recruitment exam and assess your thinking ability and career options according to the score achieved in the free aptitude test.

Free online mock tests for Averages can be viewed and tested upon in this section. Prepare thoroughly before attempting these practice papers.

Decimal Fractions Mock Test from the quantitative aptitude section of ICICI Bank selection test can be attempted here. Learn about the tips and tricks you can use to get an immediate answer instead of going in circles and still end up with the wrong one.

Practice along with Percentage Online Practice Papers available here. Silly mistakes in the topic Percentage might you lose you some important marks.

Attempt Profit and Loss Online Mock Test in this section of Quantitative Aptitude for ICICI Bank Recruitment Examination. Try to find definitive answers to each question and increase your net accuracy.

If you wish to ace ICICI Bank Selection Test, try some of the best mock test series online from the topic Time and Work and improve your Quantitative score to a good percentile.

Try some questions on Ratio and Proportion topic that is asked highly in ICICI Bank Paper Quantitative Aptitude section; attempt these Ratio and Proportion Mock Tests.

This mock test gives the basic fundamentals of Interest, specifically the Simple and compound interest. ICICI Bank Recruitment Exam lays a lot of stress on questions from this particular topic.

You need to attempt these Simplification Mock Test to understand the type of questions that can be asked in the actual ICICI bank recruitment exam. Simplification based problems are pretty straightforward in ICICI bank exam. Just try to understand the basic equations and solve them in time.

Solve the equations involving H.C.F and L.C.M with mock test papers available here, and reach for the right solution before the time runs out. This concept is highly prevalent in Quantitative Aptitude Section of ICICI Bank Exam so do not skip.

Here are some of the best mock tests for Speed, time, and distance in ICICI Bank Exam Practice Test. Prepare thoroughly and improve your score in actual ICICI bank recruitment examination.

Practice Number System questions with these mock test papers, that are most frequently asked in ICICI Bank recruitment exam. There are multiple numbers of questions asked from this section each year in ICICI Bank Exams.