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Understanding the elementary functions of each component of a computer system is important as they are the basis for the existence of a network as the first place. This section will deal with the most basic set of questions on Computer Science and Engineering.

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Database Management Systems, popularly known as DBMS, is the back-end services manager and the central storage unit for the computer network. Knowledge of both processes and queries is necessary if you wish to correctly answer questions from this section of Computer Science and Engineering Practice Papers.

22064 Attempts  |  916 Tested

Fundamentals of OS

Operating System (OS) is the interface that lets us interact with the application software and triangulate our signal to the machine. We cannot imagine our lives without Windows, iOS, Android or Symbian. This section will deal with the Fundamentals of OS and various applications that are possible due to them.

12461 Attempts  |  511 Tested

Computer Networking

The Globalization Process has been supersonic just because computer networking made it all possible. Computer Networking is what keeps us connected through various devices, say it LAN, WAN or MAN, or wireless connections, like Wifi or NFC.

8828 Attempts  |  353 Tested

OOPS in C++

Object Oriented Programming or commonly known as OOPs is what programming is all about it. The definition of classes and objects completely changed the coding demographics and this section will totally deal with problems based on OOPs application in C++ Programming Language.

8655 Attempts  |  327 Tested

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is what the next generation of intelligent computing will be all about. Understanding how logically a machine can decipher and understand real life situations and reciprocate them is the challenge that can be overcome by Artificial Intelligence.

1949 Attempts  |  263 Tested

Computer Hardware Components

Can you differentiate between the various components of the motherboard? This section will deal with various computer components that are used nowadays and what exact functionality they have. You need to pinpoint in the right direction.

4976 Attempts  |  175 Tested


UNIX Exam and Interview Questions are very specific and concept rooted. Knowledge of all the concepts involving commands, codings etc. should be impeccable and these test papers will provide a blueprint of your level of preparation.

2611 Attempts  |  98 Tested

Introduction to System Analysis and Design

This section will deal with problems based on the Fundamentals of System Analysis and Design in Computers. Each question has a unique logic which you need to find spot on and before the time clock hits zero.

1259 Attempts  |  66 Tested

Digital Computer Electronics

Digital Computer Electronics is the branch of practical application of crucial electronics and computer science functionalities. Learn how to tackle questions based on DCE in this mock test series for Computer Science and Engineering Practice Papers.

690 Attempts  |  42 Tested

Principles of Linux

In the world of computer science and engineering, it is a commonly known fact that without Linux and C Language, there would've never been a Windows or iOS Operating System. Linux is the ultimate creator and requires lots of practice to learn to code in it.

488 Attempts  |  36 Tested

Concepts of DOS

Need some practice with the Concepts of DOS but can’t find the right questions? Here you will find all the practice tests to improve your skills and speed and grasp the knowledge you ever need for exams. Take the online tests, get evaluated and improve your scores by attempting more and more questions.

500 Attempts  |  35 Tested

Computer Language Processors

Memorize the concepts you learnt about Computer Language Processors in your computer classes and attempt this practice papers on Computer Science and Engineering.

393 Attempts  |  30 Tested

World of Electronics

Computer Science and Engineering has also influenced a lot of electronic gadgets like smartphones, virtual reality and 4K Displays. Their functionality depends a lot of microchip processing which is why these test papers will deal with questions based on world of electronics.

288 Attempts  |  25 Tested


Management information system, or MIS, broadly refers to a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools to organize, evaluate and efficiently manage departments within an organization. Try these MIS Questions in this section.

566 Attempts  |  24 Tested

Process Automation Systen

Process Automation System is the control process that is independent of manual control. These processes are responsible for the accelerated development in the areas of machinery, automotive and manufacturing. Learn about Process Automation Systems (PAS) in this section.

221 Attempts  |  22 Tested

Basics of Windows NT

Problems in this section of Computer Science and Engineering Mock Test Series will be focused on Basics of Windows NT and its functionalities in the digital world. Try these test questions to know how well is your understanding and grasp over Windows NT.

285 Attempts  |  19 Tested

Functions of Windows 2000 Server

Windows 2000 Server is meant for small businesses and enterprises in providing data services and solutions. Solve these test papers based on Major Functions of Windows 2000 Server and develop a strategy to take on tough interview questions on the same line.

104 Attempts  |  19 Tested