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Quantitative Aptitude

This section of CoCubes Mock test will test your abilities in Quantitative Aptitude. So before you appear for the PRE ASSESS career test, make yourself well versed on the topic of Quantitative Aptitude with this series of practice tests as per the actual competitive exam's syllabus..

629750 Attempts  |  26190 Tested

English Usage

English Usage has become a compulsory section in almost all competitive career tests, and Pre Asssess by CoCubes is no exception to this. Answer some of the ultimate questions on english usage in this online prep test and find out how well you can score in this section.

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Analytical Reasoning

CoCubes Pre Assess exam has a bunch of good quality questions based on analytical reasoning. Attempt this analytical reasoning online test to assess your preparations for the upcoming career exam. Get instant reports and compare your scores with your competitors and know how well you will perform in the cocubes test

186996 Attempts  |  6778 Tested