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Practice Tests for Quantitative Ability TCS

Youth4work is a convenient platform to practice for placement papers. Y4W is the best option of practising for TCS examinations to clear Geometry and Mensuration section.

A sum-up of all the topics that is Time, Speed and Distance is available on our platform Youth4work so that one can prepare for TCS recruitment exams and score well through multiple attempts.

Here is a set of the previous year and updated questions for the profit and loss section of TCS recruitment examination. The practice papers are specially designed by our experts for your effective practicing.

Start preparation of LCM and HCF topic to practice concepts and revise its syllabus. A summarised report will help you to monitor your level of performance to improve your accuracy and speed according to the time of the questions.

More than 280 preparation tests will surely help you to prepare for Permutation and Combination section for TCS recruitment test. You can practice here for better preparation.

Questions on Age Problems is frequently asked in TCS placement papers. Prepare online on our platform for free and identify your speed and accuracy level through your performance report provided at the end of each test.

This mock test series is designed to prepare concepts of probability for TCS off-campus placement exam. Now, it has become easier to prepare well for the exam.

Prepare the Fraction topic of quantitative aptitude for TCS off-campus placement exam. There are plenty of questions to prepare for TCS placement exam at Y4W. Try our latest free mock test series.

This section will make you familiar with the type of questions asked in the Time and Work Section of the TCS Recruitment Exam. Questions specifically from the topic of Time and Work will be asked in this section.

Number Systems is the most common topic and it will cover a considerable weightage and you need a good amount of practice. Take tests regularly to score well.

Select the right option among the given options in the Mock Test Series based on Percentage for TCS placement exam. The questions will test both analytical and intuitive skills of the candidate.

This test will learn you to tackle basic train problems in Speed and distance, especially in the solving problems on the train. Do not miss out on any subtleties asked in this section as the question language is a bit confusing.

Ratio and Proportion based question for TCS Recruitment Examination can be tried and tested upon in this section of Mock Test Series. Ratio and Proportion questions will be an ultimate test of your deductive and calculation skills.