Capgemini Placement Process, Test Pattern and Syllabus

How Capgemini recruits the employees and what is the placement process and career opportunities in Capgemini? What is the correct test pattern and detailed syllabus to start preparation in the right direction?

Let's take a look at the following with the Capgemini interview process and Important questions.

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Key Highlight
of Capgemini
Selection Procedure
Written Exam , Group Discussion , Group Discussion
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA - 60% Gap - 1 year Backlogs - No
Total Marks
Time Limit : 110 minutes
Age Limit
No age limit
Exam Level
Easy to Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude Logical Reasoning Essay writing Pseudo Code Round

Capgemini Selection Process and Test Pattern

Capgemini is one of the top global leading companies that provide services in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation. This company is at the forefront of innovations to address the entire breadth of its clients' opportunities in the cloud and evolving digital world. It is a french based Multi-National Company and its headquarters in Paris. Serge Kampf founded the Capgemini Group in 1967. Aiman Ezzat is CEO of the company that succeeds Paul Hermelin. There are two lacs plus employees in the organization from above 40 countries. The company visits in various reputed colleges and universities to hire candidates.

The Capgemini hires IT graduates through campus placement and off-campus placement. It organizes a 12-week college hire program specially customized for BSc and Entry-level graduates.  The newly recruited candidates have to undergo the rigorous sets of technical modules to prepare them for deployment in a project after completing the program. The company believes in nurturing and upskilling of its employees throughout their career that makes an opportunity for candidates to grow skills and careers.

The Capgemini recruits the candidates through the following placement process:
  • Technical Assessment (Pseudo Code)

  • English Communication Test (MCQs Based)

  • Game-Based Aptitude Test

  • Behavioural Competency Profiling

  • Technical and HR Interviews​

​There will be four rounds in the Capgemini written test. Pseudo Code and English Communication Test will contain 30 - 30 MCQs separately to answer in 30 Minutes. Game-Based Aptitude Test will have four games to complete in 20 - 24 Minutes. There will be 100 questions from Behavioural Competency Test to answer in 20 Minutes. The exam will be held only in the English language. The timing and test round might be vary depending on the college/ university.

Take a glance at the below table to understand the Capgemini test pattern:


  Round Name

 Number of Questions

 Allotted Time

  Round 1

  Pseudo Code

 30 Questions

 30 Minutes

  Round 2

 English Communication Test

 30 Questions

 30 Minutes

  Round 3

 Game-Based Aptitude Test

 4 Games

 20-24 Minutes

  Round 4

 Behaviour Competency Test

 100 Questions

 20 Minutes


 160 Questions and 4 Games

 100-104 Minutes


The candidates are suggested to practice well for each round. They should prepare each topic for the Capgemini test according to the below syllabus and the above exam pattern to excel in the exam. The level of examination is not extremely hard, but it required well preparation of topics. The candidates consume less time for the questions from well-prepared topics and mark answers with more accuracy. Regular practice helps in preparing the topics well and makes questions easy to solve. So it is worth advisable to practice Capgemini mock tests to strengthen preparation for placement.

The Capgemini reserves the right to change test patterns, syllabus, selection process, etc. It sets and alters exam pattern, the placement process. So it is responsible for deciding the selection process. The candidates should check the Capgemini eligibility criteria carefully to avoid circumstances in the placement process.

Capgemini Placement Negative Marking

The Capgemini does not hold any negative marking in its marking procedure. The candidates have to qualify each round cutoff marks to clear this exam. Generally, the cutoff for each round goes above 70% marks. The level of the examination rounds fluctuates between medium to hard. The candidates are advised to attend maximum questions with accuracy in the Capgemini placement test to score well.

Capgemini Placement Syllabus


1. Capgemini Pseudo Code Syllabus


​2. Capgemini English Communication Syllabus



  Reading Comprehension

  Error Correction

  Sentence Arrangement

 Articles and Prepositions

  Sentence Correction

  Parts of Speech


  Time and Tenses

  Idioms and Phrases


 Synonyms and Antonyms



3. Capgemini Game-Based Aptitude Syllabus

This section contains different games to test multitasking skills and versatility according to the situation. To ace this round with accuracy, speed, and optimal solution, the logical thinking is required. The games will be like below in this round.

  • Digit Challange

  • Grid Challange

  • Motion Challange

  • Switch Challange

  • Oddo

  • Geo Sudo

  • Permuto - Numero


​4. Capgemini Behaviour Competency Syllabus

This round will be like a Psychometric Test. There will be no right or wrong answers in this round. The answers marked by the candidates define the decisions they might take. The test helps in benchmarking interests through its measurement of your objective knowledge and skill in a specified field of interest.


Capgemini Interview Process and Important Interview Questions

Capgemini Interview Process: The candidates go through the following two steps in the Capgemini interview. The first step is the technical interview and the second step is the HR interview. The important questions that are generally asked in Capgemini interviews are also mentioned below.


(A). Capgemini Technical Interview

The technical interview contains the below topics that are generally asked. The interview timing is approx 15 - 20 minutes, and 4 - 5 questions are asked usually. The questions might be based on subjects of the candidate's interest and projects mentioned on the CV.

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • SQL, OOP Languages

  • Programming Concept

  • Operating System

  • Data Structure

  • Database Management System

Capgemini Interview Questions​ for Technical Round

  • What do you know about HTML, and what is HTML syntax?

  • What do you mean by HTML5, and how can you implement the application cache in it?

  • Explain CSS? What are the uses of this language?

  • What are the selectors in CSS Language?

  • Say something about JavaScript for which no one had explained to you before?

  • Can you compile the Java program in notepad? Please Illustrate it with an example.

  • What are some reserved words in Java? Please explain with examples.

  • Explain autoboxing and unboxing in Java?

  • Explain the role of the garbage collector in Java. What is the finalize() method in it?

  • SQL stands for what? What are the advantages of SQL?

  • Describe MS Access and SQL Database?

  • Explain the term "Normalization in SQL," and what are its benefits?

  • What are the different indexes used in the SQL server? What are the differences between them?

  • Explain the basic concepts of OOP languages?

  • What is the encapsulation in OOP?

  • What do you know about cloud computing? Please tell the names of some famous providers of this service.

  • A = 2 and B = 8, Write a program to swap them without using third variables.

  • Write a program to write the Fibonacci series.

  • Write a program to distinguish the input year is a leap year or not?

  • What is the defect density?

  • Tell the formulae for defect density and its significance in software testing.

  • What is the difference between primary and secondary keys?

  • Is it necessary for the abstract class to use an abstract method?

  • Where can one use dataset.clone()?

  • Where pass by value gives an error, and where pass by reference rectifies the statement? Explain with example.

  • How many words can be read with the help of cin?

  • Tell me about three crucial data migration tools?

  • How can you justify this statement that "Abstraction and encapsulation are complementary concepts."?

(B). Capgemini HR Interview

Generally, the questions were raised from the below points in this interview.

  • Introduction of the Candidate

  • Resume Based Questions

  • Knowledge of the company

  • Knowledge of the IT Industry

  • Short term & Long term goals

  • Strength and Week Areas

  • Communication Skills

Capgemini Interview Questions for HR Part

  • What do you know about Capgemini?

  • What can you improve in the company?

  • Why do you think Capgemini is a good company for you?

  • Describe yourself in only three words?

  • If you have an idea, how will you project it to your seniors and colleagues?

  • Please tell me where you have shown leadership qualities?

  • What should be the excellent manager qualities, according to you?

  • Which subjects did you prefer in the last year of your graduation? Why did you like the most?

  • What do you love in your city, and what would you want to change in it? How can you do it?

  • Tell me about the problems you faced? How did you recover from them?

  • What problems did you face during the projects, and how did you solve them?

  • What subjects were most difficult for you during graduation days, and how did you overcome your difficulties?

  • Describe the novelty in your project undertaken in the last few years.

  • Tell your strengths and weakness?

  • What initiatives did you take in your college days?

  • Where will you want to see yourself after ten years of your career?

  • Do you have any job offer from another company?

  • Under which circumstances will you leave this company?

  • What is your expected CTC, and what if we could not match it?

  • If there are only two barbershops in a town and you are a new person in that town. You want to get your hair cut, and you don't know which person does better haircut. You should not ask any person for that, how can you choose the best barber?

  • If you have INR 15, you went to the shop and bought some chocolates from that money. One chocolate was available for 1 rupee. If you returned three chocolate wrappers to the shopkeeper, he gave one chocolate to you. How many chocolates you had at last?

  • Assume if INR 1 = 20 sparrows = 1 crow, and 5 rupees = 1 parrot. You have INR 100, and you have to spend all the money in such a way that you buy 100 birds in total. You have to buy all three birds. What will you do?

Capgemini Careers

The Capgemini believes "a happy workplace breeds a happy workforce". The company aims to create a relaxed environment and empower its employees to use their excellence at work. It helps in making a strong bond of friendship among the employees. The company gives leeway to its workforce. The employees can avail of the chances to take over Social Media Handles of the company and share a slice of their fun moments of work. The Capgemini is a platform for the young genius working together to ideate, innovate, and create. It is a congregation of happy minds working together.

These young genii work with leading brands and transform the businesses. The businesses and technologies need a human touch to excel. The company empowers its employees by learning opportunities and skills. This experience helps throughout their career journey. It encourages its employees to achieve their passion. It provides opportunities to develop and grow employees' skills to ace whatever they are doing.

At Capgemini, you will get opportunities to be a changemaker by actively participating in corporate social responsibility programs to create sustainable and social impact as an architect of a positive future. The company believes that diversity adds value to business offerings and strengthens employee core. It is committed to equality of opportunities and dignity at work.

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