AMAZON Recruitment: Selection Process, Test Pattern, Syllabus, Previous Year Placement Papers

Amazon is the enormous Internet-based retailer on the planet through absolute deals and market capitalization. It was established on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos. Amazon, an open division organization, has its central station situated in Seattle, Washington, and the US, however, serves around the world. It is an American E-business and Cloud Computing Company. Amazon Hiring Process happens in three sections: Written-test, Technical Interview, HR Interview. The organization offers work openings in Business-Marketing, Customer Experience, Design offices, IT division, and different offices. Being the profoundly yearned organization, the degree of the test lies between moderate to troublesome, which requires careful and constant practice. Applicants are encouraged to check all earlier years' papers and mock tests.

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Key Highlight
of Amazon
Selection Process:
Written Test Technical Interview HR Interview
Gap - Not more than 1 year 10+12 and graduation - 60%
No. of Sections:
Aptitude & Reasoning Technical Programming Skills
Basic Requirement:
Good Knowledge of Operating Systems, Databases, Programming Language C

Amazon Selection Process:

Amazon is one of the topmost organizations that is leading the world in services ranging from web services, furniture, toys, apparel, electronics, and whatnot. The logo of Amazon represents that it provides all the products from A to Z. Amazon website ( is the biggest online platform to buy and sell products, audiobooks, furniture, food, grocery, cosmetics; everything is accessible on Amazon.

It recruits the potential candidates for multiple job profiles, and the recruitment process thus varies accordingly. The aspirants that are willing to work for Amazon can apply through an online application where the application will be evaluated, and further process will be carried forward. Amazon concentrates on candidates' expertise, technical or soft skills, knowledge, experience, and other related factors before recruiting them for any position.

Amazon recruits candidates for various job roles such as customer support, front-end employees, Management Roles, Client Service Staff, Software Development Engineers, etc. The recruitment process for the Software Development Engineer by Amazon involves three ways:

1. On-Campus Recruitment

2, Off-Campus Recruitment

3. HackerEarth/ Hackerrank Competition

Amazon On-Campus Recruitment Process:

On-campus recruitment involves the organization to arrange the placement drives in various Universities or Private Colleges all over India. The students of that particular university or college will apply for the drive to be on the list of the recruitment process. The recruitment process for the Software Development Engineer involves three stages:

  1. Written Exam

  2. Online Coding round

  3. Technical Round

  4. Amazon Interview Process 

  • Telephonic Interview

  • HR Interview

The eligible candidates will have to appear for a written examination that will be Aptitude-based, followed by the technical round. The technical round tests the candidate's capabilities of coding. It has major questions from DBMS, Operating Systems, Language skills. After the candidate clears the Technical Round with qualifying marks, he/she will be called for the final round of selection at the Amazon Office. There will be a Personal Interview listed for the selected candidates for the final selection.

Amazon Off-campus Recruitment Process:

The candidates who are experienced, looking for upper management posts, or any other job vacancy in Amazon can apply through the online application. The application will get a review from Amazon Professionals and will contact the concerned person if the candidate's profile suits the job. The candidate will have a telephonic interview that is followed by a personal interview.

HackerEarth/HackerRank Competition:

The competition is arranged for the multiple recruitments, the candidates can apply for the competition, and the qualified candidates will have to appear for the screening test, interview rounds. The interview rounds will be personal and technical.

Amazon Placement: Test Pattern

The candidates aspiring for Amazon Software Development Engineer Post will undergo a proper selection process that involves four rounds. The test pattern may vary according to the university and colleges that conduct the placement drive. The test duration is set for 90 minutes majorly. The widely followed test pattern for Amazon Recruitment is given below:


Amazon Placement paper Duration

90 Minutes (1.5 Hours)
Total Number of Rounds


1. Written Exam

2. Online Coding Round

3. Technical Round

4. Interview (HR and Telephonic)

Sections Covered

Written Exam 

1. Reasoning

(Verbal and Logical Reasoning)

2. Quantitative Aptitude

3. Programming

Total Number of Questions

20 Questions from Aptitude Section

2 Questions from the Programming Section

22 Questions

Type of Questions Asked  Multiple-Choice Questions (Aptitude Section)
Amazon Placement Marking Scheme No negative marking


The recruitment process initiates with the written exam that has a significant section covered from the Reasoning and Aptitude Section. The level of difficulty is moderate for the aptitude section as it does the task of shortlisting from a tremendous number of applicants that have applied for the drive. The candidates have to prove their caliber in the forefront to get shortlisted for the next coding round. The candidates should prepare the Aptitude section for the selection with Amazon Online Mock test Series by Youth4Work

The coding round has questions about output generation, debugging, providing the code for the problems given in the Amazon Test. The candidates must have the brilliance in the coding skills for the test to clear it with qualifying marks.

Amazon Placement: Syllabus

Before appearing for the Examination, a candidate shall understand the Amazon test paper syllabus. The Examination is of 90 minutes, and there is no negative marking in the Amazon exam. The sections covered in the Examination are:

  • Aptitude & Reasoning, Technical- In this section, there are 22 questions. The technical part consists of topics: Complexity, C language, DBMS, whereas the aptitude part consists of aptitude, basic permutation & combination, Probability. 

Technical Topics for Amazon Placement



Database Systems And Management (DBMS)

Data Structure


Operating Systems

Systems Knowledge


Reasoning Topics for Amazon Placement:

Logical Reasoning Topics

Verbal Reasoning Topics


Quantitative Aptitude Topics are mentioned here:

Time And Work

Speed Time And Distance

Profit And Loss



Number System


Ratio And Progressions



  • Programming- This section consists of 2 questions. The questions will examine the candidate's coding skills and the logical aspect. There could be questions that will test the analytical ability of the candidate to solve the code. 

Aptitude Questions asked in Amazon Online Assessment:

  1. a, b, c and d are four numbers in arithmetic progression. The mean of these four numbers is 20. The common difference between the numbers is 5. Find the product of the first and last numbers.

  2.  A set contains numbers from 1 to 250. If a number is picked at random, what is the probability that it is a multiple of 3?

  3. What will come next in the series of 8, 15, 12, 19, 16, 23?

  4. Find the correct group of signs for the equation to be in order, 48_6_9_17.

  5. Convert the speed of 36 KMPH in meters per second?

  6. A number of people can do a piece of work in 12 days. Two times the number of these people will do half of that work in?

  7. A and B entered into a partnership investing Rs.25000 and Rs.30000, respectively. After 4 months, C also joined the business with an investment of Rs.35000. What is the share of C in an annual profit of Rs.47000?

  8. The radius of a circle is increased by 1%. Find how much % does its area increases?

  9. The sum of Rs. 5000 yield a simple interest of Rs. 16500 at 15% p.a. in how many years?

Coding Questions asked in Amazon Recruitment Test:

  1. Given an array of n integers, there are elements abc in array in a way that the sum of (a,b,c) equals to a particular target X?

  2. Paragraph and a list of banned words are given, return the most frequent word that is not in the list of banned words. 

  3. You have to design a stack that supports push, pop, top, and retrieving the minimum element in constant time.

  4. A positive integer n is given, generate a square matrix filled with elements from 1 to n² in spiral order.

  5. You have to convert a Roman Number like IX to 9, III to 3.

  6. An integer array is given, you have to find the contiguous subarray with the largest sum and return its sum.

  7. You have to discover how many paths are available to move from one end of a 2D matrix to another end with obstacles placed in between?

  8. You have to write a function to compute the fewest number of coins that you need to make up a particular amount.

  9. You have to find the minimum element for an array sorted in ascending order is rotated at some pivot unknown to you beforehand.

  10. Finding maximum depth of a BST

  11. Count set bits in an integer

  12. Count the total number of ways to reach the Nth stair

  13. Circular rotation of an array by K positions 

  14. Print all possible permutations of a given string

  15. Balanced parenthesis checking

  16. Find the minimum cost path from origin to destination

  17. The Pythagorean triplet in an array 

  18. Arrange given numbers to form the most significant number

  19. Josephus problem

  20. Minimum salary hike problem

  21. Boolean parenthesization

  22. Largest sum contiguous subarray 

  23. Stock span problem

  24. N queen problem

  25. Minimum jump array

Amazon HR Questions:

  1. Why you chose Amazon?

  2. Which leadership principle you connect with most of Amazon?

  3. Who is the CEO of Amazon CEO? 

  4. Discuss the situation when you have faced a crisis, how you have managed the situation?

  5. Are you a prospective consumer of Amazon service or product, what you find relevant and best about it?

  6. When given an unusual task, how do you assure that you will handle it properly?

  7. If you are given two contrasting priorities from two separate managers, how do you decide how to proceed?

  8. How will you respond to the criticism?

  9. What measures will you use to inspire positive change?

  10. If a supervisor directed you to do something unsafe that went against the company policy, what would you prefer to do in such a situation?

  11. Tell me about the situation when you were managing a project outside of your work range. How did you fare in such a case?

  12. Discuss a situation where you had to deal with uncertainty when making a judgment.

Amazon Placement Tips and Tricks:

  • The candidates must check the job post that they are applying for, they should suit the eligibility for the required post. The online applications get majorly rejected due to incompetency by the applicants.

  • The candidates must upgrade themselves with the aptitude section, logical ability section for clearing the written exam.

  • Candidates should practice with the previous year's placement papers and the experiences shared by the recruited candidates available on social media.

  • One must attempt previous years' papers and practice papers to know of the exam pattern.

  • One must go through technical and HR interview questions to prepare well for those rounds.

  • Candidates must have good verbal communication skills.

  • Being a highly aspired company, the level of the exam usually lies between moderate and difficult. Thus candidates must have an idea of the previously asked questions to prepare well.


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