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Online Test | Placement Papers


Try free online Infosys test, placement papers, mock, aptitude and practice tests created by Youth4Work. Latest placement papers of Infosys cover all major areas of test, aptitude and english comprehension. You can also attempt placement paper of other companies like TCS, Wipro, Campgemini etc.

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At Youth4work we provide free online TCS test, placement papers, mock, aptitude and practice tests. Click here to get latest placement papers of TCS. TCS is the fastest growing IT industry in Asia that have crossed major tech firms and is now placed at the 3rd position when it comes to hiring new talents.

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At Youth4work we provide free online Capgemini test, placement papers, mock, aptitude and practice tests. Click here to get latest placement papers of Capgemini. Give it your best shot at cracking Capgemini Placement Test. Break in the world of technology and get to know more about career prospects in the company.

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Deloitte, One of World's Largest Auditing Firm is now inviting applications to apply for job vacancies. Prepare for Deloitte Placement Examination with our intelligently crafted placement test series, practice papers and mock tests.

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Evaluate your performance in online placement test for Accenture. Try practice tests for quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and technical aptitude to cover all bases and ensure your selection in Accenture.

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IBM is the grandfather of all tech companies dating back to the inception of computing technology. Getting selected through IBM Placement test can be a difficult task. Y4W makes the process easy with free online mock test and practice papers.

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At Youth4work we provide free online Amdocs test, placement papers, mock, aptitude and practice tests. Click here to get latest placement papers of Amdocs. Compare each test result with previous attempt to see if you are progressing with every placement paper attempt.

7049 Tested  |  Forum


Wipro, Azim Premji's crown jewel and India's 3rd biggest technological firm is now inviting applications for job vacancies. Crack the initial Wipro Placement Test and fulfill your dream of working with one of India's Finest Tech Firms.

6811 Tested  |  Forum


At Youth4work you can attempt free online HCL mock test, aptitude and practice tests, placement papers. HCL is one of the big 5 tech firms of India and HCL test is based on aptitude. You can also try HCL Aptitude Tests, Verbal Ability Tests and Technical Exam. HCL Mock Tests and Practice Tests for individual subjects is also available.

5058 Tested  |  Forum

Tata Motors

The placement season for Tata Motors is on. We provide Free Online Tata Motors placement papers, practice and preparation tests. Give a trial run to the online placement tests and know what type of pattern is followed.

4769 Tested  |  Forum


Apply Now and get hired by SAP Labs. But wait. You still have to clear their Placement Examination. Try our practice papers and mock tests specially designed for SAP Placement to ensure greater chances of cracking the actual SAP Labs exam.

4143 Tested  |  Forum

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki laid the stepping stone into the world of automobiles in the earliest days of automobile revolution. At Youth4work we provide free online Maruti Suzuki test, placement papers, mock, aptitude and practice tests. Click here to get latest placement papers of Maruti Suzuki and get hired by India's most trusted car brand.

3262 Tested  |  Forum

Aon Hewitt

We provide free online Aon Hewitt test, placement papers, mock, aptitude and practice tests. If you wish to start your career in a big software firm, Aon Hewitt is a great choice. Solve each and every question with proper logic and tally your correct to incorrect ratio after each mock test.

3011 Tested  |  Forum


Solve some of the finest online mock tests for Mind Tree Placement preparation. Prepare for both Technical and Aptitude sections of Mind Tree Placement Examination to secure a job with Mind Tree.

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Crack Amazon Placement Examination and get hired by World's Biggest eCommerce Portal. Amazon's Technical Aptitude Placement Preparation can be done here and you can get access to the best mock tests and practice papers.

2534 Tested  |  Forum

Mu Sigma

Make way for you in the well known decision sciences and big data analytics company Mu Sigma by practicing online mock tests based on the latest Mu Sigma Placement Papers. Attempt these practice tests and know the campus placement paper pattern of Mu Sigma. Practicing regularly here will boost your preparations for a successful career in the company.

2377 Tested  |  Forum


This is the latest placement papers of Dell - Latest DELL Placement Paper. Learn and practice the placement papers of Dell and find out how much you are prepared for interview. Attempt DELL Mock Tests on both aptitude and technical.

1957 Tested  |  Forum

Mahindra Satyam

At Youth4work we provide free Online Test for Mahindra Satyam, placement papers, mock, aptitude and practice tests. Try our placement tests on Quantitative, logical and english language usage.

1584 Tested  |  Forum

Reliance Jio

Now you can prepare for Reliance Jio Recruitment Drives by practicing Reliance Jio Placement Papers regularly at Youth4work. Start attempting the online mock test papers in order to enhance your chances to make a successful career in Reliance Jio, one of the blooming 4G telecom organisation in India.

1537 Tested  |  Forum


Google tops the list of Best Companies to work for every year. But to get selected by the Ultimate Silicon Valley Tech Giant is a miracle in itself. We have a few mock tests and placements papers for Google Recruitment Exam. Try them and see if you match the Google standards.

1464 Tested  |  Forum

L n T Infotech

LnT Infotech is the technology arm of the construction conglomerate. Crack LnT Infotech recruitment process by acing the placement examination. Begin with some basic run offs at our practice tests and then move upto solving 5-10 papers each day to ensure better chances of getting hired by LnT Infotech.

1454 Tested  |  Forum


Free Online Test, mock examinations and aptitude tests for HP Placement can be attempted here. HP, Hewlett-Packard has been the front-runner in the field on computers for decades, introducing better, affordable PCs and Laptops for people. Click here to get latest placement papers of HP.

1341 Tested  |  Forum


Honeywell is yet another amazing financial firm to begin your career in. To clear Honeywell Placement Paper, try our intelligently designed mock tests and sample papers for every subject.

1304 Tested  |  Forum


American Multinational Company, Genpact will be hiring fresh candidates on the basis of placement examination. Prepare for both technical and aptitude placement paper and analyze your test performance after completion.

1274 Tested  |  Forum

Daffodil Software Ltd

Daffodil Software Ltd. is currently looking to hire fresh candidates for it's 2015 placement season. Prepare yourself thoroughly with Y4W prep tests and placement papers that are designed for online preparation of Daffodil Software Placement Test.

1216 Tested  |  Forum


Microsoft, The Biggest Tech Giant of the World is attracting thousands of applicants each year. Prepare thoroughly for every aspect of Aptitude and Technical sphere in order to ace Microsoft Placement Paper.

1213 Tested  |  Forum


View our sample Oracle placement papers to know what is the generic difficulty level of the preparation test. Evaluate your performance after completion of each practice test paper for Oracle placement.

1121 Tested  |  Forum


Try free online practice tests and placement papers that'' ensure better chances of cracking the placement examination put up by Ericsson. Solve questions related to quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and verbal ability along with a special technical aptitude section.

1099 Tested  |  Forum


Go through our Latest Reliance (RIL) Placement Papers, Question Bank and Mock Tests. There are two separate sections for Technical Mock Test and Aptitude Mock Test.

1086 Tested  |  Forum

Bajaj Auto

Get the latest format placement papers on Bajaj Auto Recruitment. Start your trial run on selection mock test and practice mock papers everyday for Bajaj Auto Job Placement examination so you may be able to prepare abundantly.

1015 Tested  |  Forum


Learn how to crack Unisys Placement Examination by practicing more and more on our platform. Try both Aptitude and Technical sections to ensure better selection chances in actual Unisys Examination.

884 Tested  |  Forum


Learn and practice the placement papers of Cisco and find out how much you score before you appear for your next round. Cisco selects only the best networking and technological wiz kids. Ensure its you.

851 Tested  |  Forum

Birla Soft

BirlaSoft is India's Stellar IT Firm serving largely to industries related to manufacturing, healthcare and financial banking. Prepare yourself vigorously for Birla Soft Placement Examination and get to work with one of the finest IT firms of the country.

720 Tested  |  Forum


Join the Huawei Prep Test and attempt as many Online Mock Tests and Practice Tests as possible to ensure better performance in actual Huawei Exam. Huawei Practice Test Technical and Aptitude Questions are based on previous and new pattern.

670 Tested  |  Forum

Ashok Leyland

Join Hinduja Brothers proud creation, Ashok Leyland. At Youth4work we provide free online Ashok Leyland test, placement papers, mock, aptitude and practice tests. Compare your test results with the best candidates and analyze your performance according to that. Click here to get latest placement papers of Ashok Leyland.

565 Tested  |  Forum


SUBEX Sample Placement Papers Free Mock Tests Practice Tests. SUBEX have both Technical and Aptitude Questions in the exam. Prepare for both categories to acheive higher score in Subex Placement Exam.

553 Tested  |  Forum


Try Latest Flipkart Placement Papers to know better about the test pattern and difficulty level of the questions asked in each section. Selection in Flipkart Placement Test depends highly on how well you perform in each section.

535 Tested  |  Forum


NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) is central government owned company that powers our nation. Get to work with them by cracking NTPC Placement Paper and securing a seat in a government sector job.

456 Tested  |  Forum


Aricent Mock Tests and Practice Tests contain both Aptitude and Technical Exam.The placement paper of Aricent comprises of many sections ranging from technical subjects like C, C++, Data Structures, and Operating Systems. The Placement Tests are adaptive in nature so keep attempting them regularly.

345 Tested  |  Forum


Check out our huge repository of ABB Placement Papers and Mock Tests. Try and adapt according to the difficulty level of each ABB sample paper and improve your test performance.

276 Tested  |  Forum

3i Infotech

Start your career in the world of software engineering by cracking 3i Infotech Placement Test. Evaluate your performance in each preparation test that you give for 3i infotech placement and see if you can improve your marks to the level of getting selected.

239 Tested  |  Forum


Getting placed in a company like Yahoo can be the biggest challenge for an aspirant. Level up your selection chances and try some of the best set online mock test papers for Yahoo Placement.

171 Tested  |  Forum

ACC Concrete Ltd

ACC Concrete Ltd. is one of the oldest companies of India. At Youth4work we provide free online ACC Concrete Ltd test, placement papers, mock, aptitude and practice tests. Click here to get latest placement papers of ACC Concrete Ltd. Try a few mock tests and know where you stand.

170 Tested  |  Forum

Blue Star Infotech

Check out latest updates in Blue Star Infotech Placement Test pattern. Analyze how you can increase your placement chances by getting to know your areas of weakness in each mock test. Crack Blue Star Infotech Placement Exam with Youth4Work.

165 Tested  |  Forum


We provide free Online Test for Grapecity, placement papers, mock, aptitude and practice tests. Grapecity is privately held company who has office all over the world, Japan being the HQ. Grapecity has its own line of software products that have worked in various business operations. Click here to get latest placement papers of Grapecity.

165 Tested  |  Forum


Prepare online for Yantro Placement Examination. We provide free online Yantro placement papers and practice tests which are updated regularly according to latest development in placement test patterns. Try a few placement mock tests and know how to attempt the actual Yantro Selection Exam.

86 Tested  |  Forum


Searching for the Latest Placement Paper of Samsung? Try our online test based on Samsung Placement Papers to get an edge over other candidates appearing in the Campus Drive of Samsung. The online Samsung mock test covers all the sections i.e quantitative aptitude, reasoning, verbal ability and technical.

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