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Domestic Data Entry Operator

NSDC Skill Test in Hindi and English for Domestic Data Entry Operator will open doors to various career aspects in various skill sectors which will provide both professional training and certification to the candidates. Domestic Data Entry Operator is the person who is an excellent typing specialist and can enter loads of data in a minimum time frame. This field is particularly challenging when it comes to data mining and storage.

708243 Attempts  |  10133 Tested

Associate - Customer Care (Non-Voice)

The customer relationship department plays a pivotal role in the IT sector in creating a long lasting professional connection with the company. The Non Voice Customer Care Associates comprise of support engineers, online help desk, support associate etc. that look after the needs of clients through email and chat are qualified and highly informed about the product. Solve the practice tests based on NSDC Skill Test for IT-ITes Sector Council of India.

77785 Attempts  |  4638 Tested

CRM Domestic Non - Voice

The Non-Voice Operatives of the CRM Department work on processing the queries, complaints and suggestions mentioned by the clients over mail and chat. They use pre-existing templates to follow a professional format. It is necessary to understand the type of work that needs to training.

100415 Attempts  |  3518 Tested

Collections Executive

Collections Executive, more commonly known as Field Executives of the CRM Department are responsible for taking follow up meetings with clients that are interested in particular service and wish to purchase it or the ones with pending payment. They need to recover the pending amount in a professional manner. NSDC Skill Test for getting trained and certified by IT Council can be attempted here.

26733 Attempts  |  2404 Tested

Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant

The job role of Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant is to look after the needs of clients and users and attend to each individual query with same enthusiasm. The interaction helps in building a better professional relationship. NSDC Skill Test for this line of work can be attempted in this mock test series.

62234 Attempts  |  2200 Tested

CRM Domestic Voice

Domestic Voice Operators in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Department works on various profiles that are essential for prolonged success in the IT Industry. They handle multiple voice queries, complaint box, online training modules etc. IT-ITes Skill Council of India will be training selected candidates in this after they qualify in the QP NOS Test by NSDC.

39346 Attempts  |  2031 Tested

Domestic Biometric Data Operator

The IT Industry has upgraded its need of security systems for both better accountability and recognition. Biometric Systems rely on the unique signatures that every individual possesses. Such systems need a person to handle various queries which constitutes the job description of Domestic Biometric Data Operator.

18287 Attempts  |  1318 Tested

Software Developer

The job of Software Developer involves around development and enhancement of software applications and interfaces. Get some practice here for the NSDC skill test of software developer to take benefit of PMKVY 2.0 scheme.

27055 Attempts  |  1212 Tested

Engineer Trainee

The job of Engineer Trainee in IT ITes sector is to support the various software/hardware related engineering activities like development, testing, research or analysis. Need some practice on the upcoming skill test for Engineer Trainee? Start attempting online mock tests here to improve your chances for PMKVY certification and benefits.

6942 Attempts  |  628 Tested

Technical Support Executive Non Voice

Technical Support Executive (Non Voice) are responsible for resolving technical queries and customer cases over web chat or email. They deal remotely with the basic IT service requests.

5172 Attempts  |  395 Tested