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General Duty Assistant

The atmosphere and work environment of a hospital is always swamped and packed. General Duty Assistant has to stay ready for any type of challenge that is bounced on them by the staff whether be handling patients or observing. You need to be both confident and attentive for this line of work.

53590 Attempts  |  978 Tested

Blood Bank Technician

India always runs with a shortage of blood, especially in case of an epidemic spread. Hence, the job of a Blood Bank Technician is to maintain a proper inventory both offline and online with each blood group and quantity catalogued carefully at all times. Proficiency at computers and data management skills are essentials for working as a professional Blood Bank Technician.

5750 Attempts  |  297 Tested

Medical Laboratory Technician

NSDC Skills Certification for Medical Laboratory Technician under the guidance and professional training by HSSC can be possible only after you crack the QP NOS Test. For this position, you need to know thoroughly about each of the instrument kept in a medical laboratory and how it works. Regular maintenance should also be one of the topmost priorities.

7524 Attempts  |  276 Tested

Dialysis Technician

Dialysis Technician is the person who handles the machine segregating the waste body fluids and blood from the patient. They are also responsible for keeping an eye on the patients vitals and look into the matter immediately if there are any complications or allergic reactions to any medication.

5960 Attempts  |  228 Tested

Diabetes Educator

The issue of Diabetes is one the rise and most people are partially or ill-informed about it. It is the primary duty of a Diabetes Educator to propagate the ideologies and the correct information about it to the people who are most affected by it. Training and Certification for becoming a successful Diabetes Educator can be achieved by qualifying the QP NOS Test by NSDC. Start practising here.

3559 Attempts  |  182 Tested

Pharmacy Techinician

Pharmacy Technician is the person who automates and digitalize the entire medicine counter. All data entry and management functions fall under the essential duties of a Pharmacy Technician. Attempt these mock test papers to qualify for the HSSC Training.

3259 Attempts  |  163 Tested

Cardiac Care Technician

Anything related to the heart is termed as emergency no matter what. In this case, Cardiac Care Technician needs to work in sync with Doctors treating the problem, prepping the instruments necessary for detecting the issue or monitoring the condition. They need to have preliminary idea of safety measures to be taken at all times.

2058 Attempts  |  119 Tested

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aide are those medical personnels that take care of patients with limited movement or less motor nerves capabilities in bathing, eating and grooming. This job calls for the highest of responsibilities and a proper training modules that needs to be followed at all times.

2284 Attempts  |  115 Tested

Anaesthesia Technician

In case of surgeries, Anaesthesia Technician is the person that manages all the equipments that are necessary for preparing a prescribed dose of Anaesthesia that is to be administered to be administrated to the patient. This job requires a lot of professional experience. If you wish to be trained by HSSC, try these mock test paper series for NSDC Skill Test for Anaesthesia Technician.

1845 Attempts  |  106 Tested

Vision Technician

Vision Technician is the administrative end of the optical department in a healthcare facility. The main areas in which Vision Technician works is managing the account of all the patients and cataloguing their activities. The professional skills certification can only be achieved only after QP NOS Test.

2109 Attempts  |  99 Tested

Emergency Medical Technician Basic

Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) is fresher who needs to be on-call and up and ready to handle and take care of patients who are critically ill, injured or in pain and make sure they get transferred immediately for treatment. Even though this job is for newbies, still the candidate needs to be professionally trained which under the PMKVY scheme, HSSC has offered to do so.

2804 Attempts  |  96 Tested

Emergency Medical Technician Advanced

Emergency Medical Technician (Advanced) will be professional and highly trained medical personnel who takes care of seriously ill ER patients and make sure they are provided the facilities best suited for them. NSDC Skill Certification Test for E.M.T. (Advanced) can be tried and attempted here.

1386 Attempts  |  95 Tested

Radiology Technician

Radiology Labs are not a very safe and sound place when it comes to health and safety. So, it is the job of Radiology Technician to make sure all the health and safety measures are being followed and equipments for performing research are intact. Healthcare Sector Skill Council (HSSC) will be providing special training to those that qualify and clear the QP NOS Test by NSDC.

1991 Attempts  |  86 Tested

Medical Records and Health Information Technician

Medical Records and Health Information Technician is the person incharge of managing and safely compiling all patient reports in the most legitimate manner. This work requires good organisation skills. Work your way through these mock test papers for NSDC Skill Certification Test to work your way upto professional training from HSSC.

1228 Attempts  |  79 Tested

Medical Equipment Technician

Do you wish to get professional certification from Healthcare Sector Skill Council (HSSC)? Candidates who wish to further their career in Medical Equipment Management can start preparing for this rightaway. Medical Equipment Technician

411 Attempts  |  54 Tested


In the Healthcare sector, A Refractionist works closely with an Ophthalmologist while performing vision tests and prescribing optical prescriptions. They are also responsible for maintaining detailed report on your visits. NSDC Skill Certification Test for Refractionist can be attempted here for practice.

989 Attempts  |  41 Tested

Dietician Assistant

Dietician Assistant manages all the appointments and schedules and categorizes them in a linear manner for the Dietician. They also need to be well informed about Nutrition and Proper Diet if they wish to further their professional career. Get a jump start in this aspect through this mock test series.

1100 Attempts  |  39 Tested

Phlebotomy Technician

In the medical profession, drawing blood carefully is a highly meticulous process. It gets more specific when it comes to its proper storage. All the operations are handled by Phlebotomy Technician that preps all the instruments for making the process convenient for wards, nurses and doctors. Sample NSDC Skills Certification Test for the same can be attempted here.

1458 Attempts  |  39 Tested


In a clinical laboratory, a Histotechnician is the person responsible for creating thin sample tissue slides for Pathologist for research and medical purposes. They should also understand how medical instruments like a microscope works. Learn this in a better format with HSSC.

835 Attempts  |  31 Tested

Dental Assistant

The duty of Dental Assistant is to provide support in dental procedures to both dentists and patients. Healthcare Sector Skill Council HSSC will be training healthcare professionals as dental assistants. NSDC practice test for Dental Assistant is here to help all dental assistant trainees in cracking the skill certification examination.

284 Attempts  |  14 Tested