RASCI Retailers Associations Skill Council of India

ASCI Agriculture Sector Skill Council of India

AMHSSC Apparel MadeUps and Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council

ASDC Automotive Skills Development Council

BWSSC Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council

CGSC Capital Goods Skill Council

CSDC Construction Skill Development Council of India

ESSCI Electronics Sector Skill Council of India

GJSCI Gem and Jewellery Skill Council Of India

HSSC Healthcare Sector Skill Council

IISSSC Indian Iron and Steel Sector Skill Council

IT ITes Sector Skill Council

LSSC Leather Sector Skill Council

LSSSDC Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council

LSC Logistics Sector Skill Council

SCMS Skill Council for Mining Sector

MESC Media and Entertainment Skill Council

IPSC Indian Plumbing Skill Council

RSDC Rubber Skill Development Council

SSSDC Security Sector Skill Development Council

TSSC Telecom Sector Skill Council

TSC Textile Sector Skill Council

THSC Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council

IESC Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council

FFSC Furniture and Fittings Skill Council

FICSI Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative

PSSC Power Sector Skill Council

HCSSC Handicrafts and Carpet Sector Skill Council

SCGJ Skill Council For Green Jobs

DWSSC Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council

SPEFL SC Sports Sector Skill Council

MEPSC Management Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council

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GST Accounts Assistant

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Accounts Assistant will be responsible for computing all tax liabilities, filing of returns and maintaining records of the same for audit purposes. Practice for the skill test of GST Accounts Assistant and get the best scores in the actual exam by BFSI and NSDC under PMKVY scheme.

36914 Attempts  |  990 Tested

Accounts Executive Accounts Payable and Receivables

Accounts Executive in the field of Accounts Payable and Receivables need to maintain a proper ledger of all the transactions made in a particular time period. NSDC Training and Certification Programme with BFSI is all about creating potential employment for trained professionals.

33096 Attempts  |  815 Tested

Accounts Executive Payroll

Accounts Executive in the Payroll Department of Accounting requires systematic data maintenance of salary slips of the employees. Basic knowledge of accounting processes in necessary for this job position which one can gain by training in learning centres like BFSI after qualifying the QP NOS Test for NSDC.

8408 Attempts  |  510 Tested

Business Correspondent and Business Facilitator Level 3

Business Correspondents are foot soldiers of the Banking and Investment Sector to extend the services of accounts and loans to areas where banking facilities are at a minimum. Specialized training is provided to such individuals by BFSI Sector Skill Council of India only after the qualify in the QP NOS Test by NSDC.

10840 Attempts  |  387 Tested

Mutual Fund Agent

Try online NSDC Skill Test for Mutual Fund Agent to gain access to BFSI Training Facility. As a Mutual Fund Agent you need to look after your investors portfolio and locate good investment deals for them to put in their money and also regularly keep studying the market trends. It is a highly competitive job.

8972 Attempts  |  379 Tested

Debt Recovery Agent

In the Banking Sector, Debt Recovery Agent are bank appointed officers that perform the crucial task of pursuing debt defaulters and retrieve the payment in every legitimate way possible. Owing to the ambiguousness of the job, the candidates for this field need proper training from BFSI in order to fulfil their tasks successfully.

5474 Attempts  |  270 Tested

Accounts Executive Statutory Compliance

In the Banking and Financial Sector, Accounts Executive working in the department of Statutory Compliance is responsible for making all government related payments and make a proper invoice list of it. This job requires rigorous training as it can be quite taxing to miss any point.

2670 Attempts  |  170 Tested

Loan Approval Officer

Under the PMKVY scheme, the candidates interested in getting professionally trained from BFSI need to clear NSDC QP NOS Test for the particular Skill Test. For the job position of Loan Approval Officer, a candidate needs to know about loan application procedure to guide people and should also know about potential customers whose loan application can be processed.

1448 Attempts  |  143 Tested

Equity Dealer

Under the PMKVY scheme, NSDC will be shortlisting candidates on the basis of performance of QP NOS Tests. In order to qualify for the training programme for Equity Dealer, the candidates should learn the basics of mutual funds, account management and the equity market. The main job role will be buying and selling investment portfolios on behalf of clients.

1279 Attempts  |  129 Tested

Life Insurance Agent

A Life Insurance Agent is a trained professional who sources clients to process Life Insurance Policy applications, provide the clients ongoing services and process claims. BFSI Sector Skill Council of India in association with NSDC has framed certain Occupational Standards for the job role Life Insurance Agent, and will be training professionals for the same under the PMKVY 2.0 scheme. Enrolled candidates can practice questions based on QP NOS of Life Insurance Agent under this section of BFSI online tests.

1386 Attempts  |  82 Tested

Small and Medium Enterprise SME Officer

SME constitute a major portion of a nation's GDP. Professional skilled in handling SME clientèle can grow and improve with BFSI Council training. But you need to understand and clear the NSDC Skill Test first. Try out a few mock test papers to get in touch with the current pattern.

1304 Attempts  |  63 Tested

Accounts Executive Recording and Reporting

Accounts Executive - Recording and Reporting is responsible for recording (receipts, payments and provisions), reporting (ledger balance, balance sheet, profit and loss account)& BRS (bank reconciliation statement) and depreciation worksheet. To qualify for the NSDC skill test of Accounts Executive - Recording & Reporting, start practicing at Youth4work through prep tests.

1070 Attempts  |  47 Tested