What are the tips and tricks to crack AIPMT (now NEET) 2018?

what are the tips and tricks to crack AIPMT (now NEET) 2018? Please tell

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  • Every year more than Millions apply for AIPMT (NOW NEET) for their undergraduate degree where their dreams and goals can come true. So, here are some tips and tricks that might help you through the journey of AIPMT (NOW NEET):

    ·The books are man’s best friend. So these are the books that will guide you through: Arihant Series, Books on Mechanics and Thermodynamics and Modern Physics, Inorganic Chemistry & organic chemistry by NCERT, Arihant Exam Papers for AIEEE, RD Sharma for Mathematics, NCERT Books of Biology, Zoology. But best if you study online from websites.
    ·Be familiar with the syllabus and practice it every day.
    ·Make a timetable which you will follow through thick and thin.
    ·Solve previous years question papers, which you’ll get from Youth4work and mock tests along with that.
    ·From these mock tests, you’ll know your strengths and weaknesses.
    ·Eat Healthy, take proper sleep and stay hydrated.
    ·Since, there is a negative marking you need to think twice before answering as the wrong answer will fetch you -1.0 marks while correct answers will fetch you 4 marks.
    ·Be aware of your subjects have deep knowledge of them.
    ·Don’t be anxious and do revise before doing to the examination hall.

  • Tips and Tricks
    Candidates must attempt questions carefully.
    Candidates must revise their school based concepts thoroughly.
    Take online mock tests to know your strengths and weaknesses.
    Candidates must practice placement papers and mock tests to prepare well.
    TO KNOW MORE ABOUT AIPMT, click here.


  • Study Ncert biology for biology, Arihant 25 year previous year question papers. 50% questions in physics and chemistry are from previous year question.

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