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Practice Tests for Chemistry AIPMT

Memorize the concepts you learned about Solutions and Solvents in your classes and attempt this free online mock test on AIPMT. You can attempt this test multiple times and improve your score.

Attempt these set of questions based on Chemical Kinetics and science behind the inception of the subject and see how well you are able to score before the time runs out for the upcoming AIPMT.

Practice some selected questions on Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids for AIPMT Preparation. Each mock test will have 10 objective questions and the difficulty level will keep on varying.

Specific questions from the topic of Hydrocarbons in the Chemistry Section of AIPMT will be asked here. Manage and compartmentalize your time to know where you can attempt more questions.

Analyze your skill and knowledge of attempting online tests with this practice test paper on AIPMT Chemistry Section related to States of Matter Gases and Liquids and get world rankings to see where you stand.

Work your way around the twisted language of the questions asked in the mock test series based on Thermodynamics in Chemistry for the preparation of AIPMT.

Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers will be the topic of discussion here. These mock test papers are specially designed to simulate a similar test pattern to major competitive exams like AIPMT Mock Test so you get to learn a lot after each progressive attempt you make in the mock test series.

Chemistry has a wide variety of uses in real life. Know about it, learn and answer a few questions about applications of Chemistry in real life and see how you can crack AIPMT.

Solid State is yet another fascinating subject under the physical chemistry section of AIPMT. Practice theory and numerical based questions from this chapter to evaluate your preparations.

Structure of Atom is an interesting subject of Physical Chemistry that deals with the composition, forces that bind and application process of colliding atoms. Solve these test papers to strengthen your roots in the subject.