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General Awareness

Do you have a photographic memory? How good are you at remembering dates? SNAP General Awareness practice test will decide how updated you really are in the topics general awareness and current news.

65496 Attempts  |  1914 Tested

Quantitative Aptitude

Questions on Quantitative Aptitude in SNAP Mock Test have high volumes of Arithmetic, Probability and Geometry. Try questions from each section and review the solutions after each test completion.

22597 Attempts  |  1441 Tested

General English

Try our online Verbal Ability Test for SNAP Examination with multiple choice questions. For other sections in VA, attempt individual SNAP Prep Tests which help you improve your General English.

35659 Attempts  |  1382 Tested

Analytical and Logical Reasoning

Analytical and Logical Reasoning for SNAP Examination have some challenging questions that require constant practice to solve regularly in a limited time. Test Series for Reasoning questions can help with that.

18367 Attempts  |  1128 Tested

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