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Practice Tests for Verbal Ability FMS

Learn to read between the lines and select the right solution to a given question in FMS Verbal Ability Mock Test. Reading Comprehension can be solved with the help of proper skimming and scanning.

People who are willing to write examinations like FMS should practice these questions of sentences to construct a coherent paragraph. Such questions are a true measure of your skill in written english.

Test your level of English Grammar and Vocabulary in FMS Verbal Ability Test. Assess your test taking caliber and find the weak spots in your test performance.

FMS Exam has a favoritism for Sentence Correction questions in Verbal Ability section. Try a few questions and see what pattern is generally followed in such questions.

Attempt important and previously occurred questions in FMS Verbal Ability Section on the topic Analogies. See if you can find out the correct options before the time runs out.

Select the right antonym and synonym for each question in FMS Verbal Ability Test designed for this topic. Keep a note of all the important points you make while giving the test.