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General Awareness

Try some challenging questions of General Static Awareness and Daily National aw well as International news asked in GK section of CMAT. Skim through important dates and events and devise a strategy to remember it.

202866 Attempts  |  6132 Tested

Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation

Questions on Quantitative Analysis and Data Interpretation section can be attempted here of CMAT examination for free. Solve questions from each section and review your method after completion.

74570 Attempts  |  4543 Tested

Logical Reasoning

Decipher the main logic behind the questions asked in CMAT Logical Reasoning section. Questions and their detailed solutions can be reviewed and you can check where exactly your performance needs improvement.

88668 Attempts  |  4191 Tested

Language Comprehension

Language Comprehension Questions asked in CMAT exam require both reading skills and english vocabulary. Analyze your test taking performance and work around the questions to check where you can improve.

63770 Attempts  |  2869 Tested

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