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Practice Tests for Quantitative Aptitude CAT

The Banking Process is quite confusing for most people. But all you need to know here is about the Banker's Discount, and it is not what you think. Try this mock test series.

True Discount is a cumulative discount earned by the customer on a set of commodities. Learn more about it by trying out these sample papers to improve your score.

Questions on Chain Rules rely upon instinctive logic to solve efficiently, and most aptitude based exams have a few questions like them embedded throughout the sections. Learn more about such problems through this mock test series.

Give Stock and Shares Test for CAT Preparation and assess your thinking ability and career options according to the score achieved in a free online aptitude test.

Games help in building quick decision-making skills. Here in this section, you'll encounter some brainstorming puzzles based on Quantitative Aptitude which can appear in the actual CAT Exam.

Learned Binomial Theorem properly, check whether your level of expertise in the Binomial Theorem will help you in cracking the Common Admission Test or not. Attempt this online mock test for binomial theorem and analyze your performance.

Decimal Fraction Questions in the Quantitative Aptitude Section of CAT can be attempted here. Learn about the tips and tricks you can use to get an immediate answer instead of going in circles and still end up with the wrong one.

Pipes and Cisterns questions are based on mixed bag quantitative subject logic. Prepare for Online CAT Mock Tests and each subsequent section from this portal.

Looking for some challenging arithmetic, geometric or harmonic progression questions, try our Quantitative Aptitude practice papers on the Topic of Progression and boost your preparation for Common Admission Test.

Have a crack at this CAT Examination by practicing mock test series that includes sample questions based on Set Theory and know how well prepared you are on this topic for entrance exams.

Are you very much familiar with logarithmic capacities, CAT Mock Test for quants segment will test your aptitude in Logarithm questions, answer every one of them cautiously and check your reports after the online test gets over.

The calendar has a very distinctive repetitive nature which most people fail to understand. It helps in solving questions like day or date according to data provided. Learn how to tackle such problems in CAT through this mock test series.

Mathematical functions are actually brain teasers, get your mind some exercise on this topic before appearing in the management entrance exam. Begin now before its too late for preparation with the online function mock test series.

Trigonometry sometimes give difficulties, don't worry and start practicing online test on trigonometry for CAT Entrance Exam. You can attempt this test multiple times to improve your grasp on it and thereby improving your CAT score.

Surds and Indices problems surely trickle your mind, no worries, we have enough questions on surds and indices for you to prepare for the quantitative aptitude section of CAT exam. Just begin and you will know how to proceed with Common Admission Test preparation.

Problems on Numbers have been a very primitive topic, and every year there are a handful of problems based on them. Try to solve them before the time runs out in the mock tests.

Simplification based problems are pretty straightforward in CAT. Just try to understand the basic equations and solve them in time. You need to attempt these test questions to understand the type of questions that can be asked in the actual CAT examination.

Problems on Ages are linear and quadratic equations that can be solved only if you are familiar with the question type. To know more about these, you need to try this section dedicated to sample age problems for online preparation of CAT.

Are you well acquainted with logarithmic functions, CAT Mock Test for quants section will test your expertise in Logarithm questions, answer each of them carefully and check your reports after the online test gets over.

Solve the most twisted algebra questions for Common Admission Test and check your math abilities. Solve each problem carefully as it might help you in cracking the topmost management entrance exam of India.

Solve the equations involving H.C.F and L.C.M and reach for the right solution before the time runs out. This concept is highly prevalent in CAT so do not skip, practice with the best online test available here.

This practice test consists of CAT probability questions which are part of the CAT Quantitative section. Have a glance at what type of questions are asked in the actual CAT exam through the online mock test series.

Here are some of the best questions asked under the topic Time and Distance in CAT Online Practice Test. Prepare thoroughly and improve your score in an actual CAT examination.

Get to attempt some of the most challenging questions from the topic Permutations and Combinations asked in CAT Mock Tests and learn how to attempt these in a limited period.

This test gives the basic fundamentals of Interest, specifically the Simple and compound interest. CAT Online Examination lays a lot of stress on questions from this particular topic.

Try some sample questions on the Ratio and Proportion topic that are asked highly in the CAT examination, this online mock test series will give you an insight and enable you to improve the quantitative aptitude section.

To ace CAT Entrance Exam, you need to solve the Time and work questions for the exam, try this online mock test series and improve your score to a good percentile.

Your online preparation for Common Admission Test will be incomplete if you skip the vital topic of geometry. Practice geometry-based quantitative aptitude questions as much as you can if you want to get into the Top IIMs.

Calculate Net Profit and Loss in this section of Quantitative Aptitude for CAT Online Examination. Try to find definitive answers to each question and increase your net accuracy.

CAT Mock test papers on alligation and mixture could be analyzed and attempted here. See to it and properly attempt these practice papers on the tricky math topic.

Practice Number System questions that are most frequently asked in CAT practice papers and mock tests. There are various questions posed from this area every year in CAT.

Round off carefully all your answers to the calculated questions in this section of CAT Online math Preparation. Silly mistakes in the topic Percentage might you lose you some valuable marks.

Sample Questions on CAT Quantitative Analysis topic Averages can be viewed and tested upon in this section. Prepare thoroughly with attempting these mock test papers.