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General Ability Test

SCRA General Ability Test is ground zero in SCRA Exam Prep. SCRA Practice Test for General Ability includes English, General Knowledge and Mathematics Test. Attempt the mock test and know where you stand.

19842 Attempts  |  832 Tested


Mathematics is vital in UPSC Special Class Railway Apprentices (SCRA). Your ability to solve simple-complex problems in a limited time frame is thoroughly put to test. Please go through SCRA Practice Tests on General Ability and Physical Sciences too.

4951 Attempts  |  381 Tested

Physical Sciences

After General Ability SCRA Mock Test, Physical examination for Special Class Railway Apprentices (SCRA) is vital for selection in the Indian Railways. Physical Sciences in SCRA Exam covers basic knowledge in Physics and Chemistry. Brush up your fundamentals before beginning the SCRA Practice Test in Physical Sciences.

4425 Attempts  |  372 Tested

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