1. Describe Prep Tests on Youth4work?
The Online Preparation Tests on Youth4work are most unique and widely given practice tests in India. It is the only Intelligent adaptive test for best practice & preparation for tests. The uniqueness is the Intelligence behind each and every questions that Youth4work’s algorithm captures. In Simple words, At Youth4work we understand and evaluate each and every users and consider each and every attempt on every question to improve the ideal time that the people attempting that question require to answer correctly, and the hardness level based on how accurately the people are answering that question. Based on this extensive analysis, we evaluate where you stand amongst every single person who has given that test.. giving you the most accurate global percentile score and the best self – evaluation tool for practice and improvement.
2. Youth4work has Preparation tests not Mock papers?
The purpose of tests at Youth4work is for regular and continuous practice. We believe that while preparing extensively the need of each students is to practice the specific section they prepared for and keep practicing frequently as and when he/she wants using as much time he/she has. The preparation tests in Youth4work are not a mock practice with full length paper in the format that a particular entrance or placement paper has. It is a collection of best questions for practicing. You can give Prep Tests on Youth4work anytime from anywhere. You do not require to mock the ideal environment and complete time for the complete mock test. You can keep practicing with as little as 10 set of questions. Moreover, at Yoth4work when you give a test you become a part of the community which is preparing for these tests and hence you can share and learn from each other.
3. How and why are each question timed at Prep test on Youth4work?
Artificial Intelligence!! .. We use best machine learning and AI techniques to understand and analyze each and every test takers behaviour on that question. Though the details are complex very simple and basically put the questions are given a little over the exact time that is required to answer that question. That exact time is not determined by Youth4work but is based on crowd intelligence i.e. knowing that majority of people when attempting that particular question take ‘x’ time to answer correctly. As a student who is preparing for tests, this particular feature is most useful since in a competitive test you need to understand & keep up with the competition, and if most people are able to answer that question in ‘x’ time you should be able to do that too. Thus, We enable you to practice each and every question based on the exact time required to answer that question.
4. How much does it cost? Any conditions post payment?
Youth4work’s team believe in enabling and helping students as much as we can and we have enabled students to give free online tests, practice and prepare as much as they can. Most of the initial tests are free for all but however to recover costs and help you with better services and questions we have put in a basic monthly/quarterly charges. We believe in simplicity & hence kept a very transparent system of the total question bank available and detailed reports & analysis that you get after giving the tests, you can see that before payment. The payment is a no bar complete access to all prep tests on prep.youth4work.com , i..e if you have an access for 3 month you can give each and every tests on prep board and attempt each and every question. Your reports will be accessible even after your subscription has expired, i.e. forever.
5. How are people ranked on Youth4work test? What’s Percentile score?
Each and every question has a difficulty level assigned to it, based on the artificial Intelligence being captured, and unique yTest algorithm. Hence, based on your individual attempt on a question you get a relative score and also, the next question based on the correctness of your attempt. Thus, we understand and give different value to different question and accordingly you get ranked vis-a-vis every other person who has given that test.
6. Youth4work has Preparation tests not Mock papers?
Feel free to call our support team on +91-8826293204. [in office hours only], you can drop in an sms/whatsapp too. Also you can send a mail to support at Youth4work.com