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Practice Tests for Physics MHT CET

Try our free Radiation mock test of MH CET and get world rankings on your test performance. Radiation practice papers will be having adaptive questions.

Magnetic effects of current is an essential topic, knowledge of which can help you grow exponentially. Here, you will find all the practice tests to improve your skills and speed.

Try mock test questions on Electrostatics and check questions with corresponding answers.

Thermodynamics deals with mainly the heat transfers and related phenomenon. Try mock test questions on Thermodynamics and analyze your overall performance in the practice tests.

Memorize the concepts you learned about Current Electricity in your classes and attempt this free online test of MH CET.

Try our online mock test series of MH CET on the topic of Oscillation which is an important phenomenon of motion.

Attempt this Kinetic Theory of Gases Online mock test made by experts and find out your level of proficiency in Kinetic theory of gases.

Try our online mock tests of MH CET on Circular Motion. Attempt more questions to help you gain knowledge and clear the Maharashtra CET.

Searching for important questions of the topic Gravitation for MH CET? Click here on Mock test series of MH CET for your effective practice so that you enable to score better.

Rotational motion is the fundamental concept in physics and is very important in various fields of engineering. The mock test of Rotational Motion for preparation of MH CET could be practiced here.