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GATE Mechanical Engineering

Core concepts of mechanical engineering and application in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and physics will be prominent in this section of GATE Mechanical Engineering Recruitment Examination. Solve these test papers to move up in the lead and crack GATE ME Exam Paper.

202563 Attempts  |  18293 Tested

Applied Mechanics and Design

Practice some selected questions on Applied Mechanics and Design. Each mock test will have 10 objective question and the difficulty level will keep on varying. In this way, you can truly measure your potential and know how much hardwork and labour will go into scoring better.

268126 Attempts  |  8737 Tested

General Aptitude

General Aptitude consists of Verbal Ability and Numerical Ability Questions blended in a very confusing pattern. Strategize and solve questions as it will greatly affect your chances of moving up in the order of GATE Examination.

129358 Attempts  |  7744 Tested


Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering has risen to be a highly profitable and progressive field. Understanding the conventional and unconventional ways of how industrial processes work, how materials and elements are procured and how the production gets affected according to supply and demand are all essentials of the field.

118564 Attempts  |  5431 Tested

Engineering Mathematics

This section covers practice papers which covers Syllabus of Engineering Mathematics of GATE for almost all the branches. Try them and know where your level of preparation stands and how much you need to prepare more.

54822 Attempts  |  4523 Tested

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